“An absolute pleasure to read. I could not put it down.
One man’s Frank and honest account of his own spiritual awakening.
For me, simply the best book I have ever read.
Thank you Timothy Pope”.

JP Swansea.

What struck me most about this book was the way Timothy Pope was able to demonstrate his deep love and compassion and caring for people, by using his life’s experiences as a parallel.

With honesty and humbleness, he has been able to show examples of and possibilities for, spiritual growth and extraordinary happenings and he explains clearly the physics of how beneficial change can come about in the human energy dynamic.

You will find, no matter what your current level of awareness or knowledge, information here to help you expand your consciousness and let go of fear.

This book is truly a masterpiece of demonstrating how unconditional love can go hand-in-hand with an infinite amount of knowledge and wisdom and is a book which can provide a fantastic point of reference for diverse Spiritual and esoteric subjects.
I cannot recommend it highly enough.

TF Swansea

I appreciate all you have done for me Timothy during the time that I have received your help. I have been reading your book which has also opened my eyes and helped me significantly.

I feel like a new person and I have learned a lot from our sessions and through reading your book. I feel I am ready to go it alone now and be the better person you have made me. Kind regards and thank you for all you have done and helped me with.

AC Llanelli South Wales

I discovered this book through my sister who was going for energy healing with Tim.  We would talk about her sessions and I became intrigued. I decided to read his book, which to my delight has been one of the best books I have read, a journey through Tim’s life which is compelling to read. After completing the book I was talking about it to my sister and said I felt like I had received healing through the pages, which led me to take Tim’s energy healing course.

I would recommend Tim’s book and the course to anyone on a journey of improvement and self-care and I am grateful for the experience.

SM South Wales


I went on a holiday that I had booked not long after I had started receiving help for bereavement from Tim. I had been told about his book and even though I was eager to read it, I choose to take it to the Maldives with me and read it there.

I was staying on a peaceful small island. I thought the location would be perfect and it was indeed. Each morning, I would step out of the beachfront bungalow, walk a few steps to a sunbed by the sea and immerse myself in the book.

On day 5, it was a Sunday, I had started reading one chapter and I had an immediate urge to just hold the book close to my chest and close my eyes. I did just that and it felt like Tim was right there providing his healing services to me in person.

For the very first time since seeing Tim, the left and right side of my mind displayed bright colours and there was a blinding bright light that shone through from the right hand side. I have always been fortunate to visualise a lot of colours and light during my sessions with Tim however, this was a powerful experience.

I am not entirely sure how long I had my eyes shut for but that particular event really shifted a lot of negative energy and I found myself in a tranquil state of peace.

LD Swansea


“Tim has led a colourful, interesting, remarkable life and has helped so many people overcome so many things.
If you’re interested in the mystical, spiritual, holistic and quantum, it’s an interesting, eye opening great read”

CH Swansea.

“I am so loving your book, it is so well written and easy to read, open and honest.
Thank you so much for writing this”.

SL Swansea.

This book has gripped me, yet I wish to savour it and take in every word. The author’s teachings are a blessing and you feel his passion and dedication to help others throughout the whole book. I will keep it and use it as further reference as guidance for many years.

KD Swansea


Hi Tim, thank you so much for writing your book. It’s absolutely amazing, I could feel the love emanating from the pages soon as I opened it!

It’s exactly what I needed right now!

It’s triggered some massive releases, I’ve cried like a baby and I’m only on page 100 😆

Sending all the love and gratitude you put into your book right back at you, you truly are a legend!

Thank you so much 🙏

LB Swansea

A fantastic book, open, honest, heartwarming and educational, having read many books on this subject, I can honestly say that this is amongst the best. On a personal note Tim has been an excellent friend and teacher of mine for around ten years and his knowledge built up over decades on this subject as well as a huge amount of integrity mean that information within this book can be trusted. Some people write from opinion but this book is written from experience and very much from the heart.

CB Swansea

I read this book over two days, unusual for me but I was enjoying the read so much. It’s a mix of Timothy’s experiences in his own life and with his healing. He is passionate about what he does. I was lucky enough to have healing from him at a low time in my life and he literally changed my life. I was looking forward to him bringing out this book and I was not disappointed.

CP Swansea

This book is like no other – when you read it you can feel the solace the book administers. It is written from the heart, the author opens his heart as a gift to you. The writing expresses the bravery and honesty which is requisite for the spiritual quest.
As you read, you walk through the life of the author and see the challenges he has overcome on his great expedition.
From this you will learn everything is love and that you need to speak your truth. This book heals you and encourages you to keep on the path you were chosen for.
While reading it I saw blue balls of energy in my peripheral vision. I feel happy when reading this book, it has a lovely energy, I even meditate holding it and feel connected to Lemuria.

SR Swansea

Hi Timothy,

I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your book, it is an excellent read, congratulations. I must let you know but you may think I am crazy, as I am reading the book, I keep seeing a little blue light traveling very quickly up the centre of the book, but it disappears as soon as I focus on it, its strange, anyway the book is a great read well done.

DT Llanelli South Wales

I have known Timothy for a long time now, he has helped me through some difficult times and for that I am very grateful to him. When I heard that Tim was writing a book I was fascinated to find out more about his life. 

I loved the book, I couldn’t put it down and I got lost in reading about some of the experiences he has had throughout his life. It is a great self-help book as well as being a great story. 

Tim’s book has helped me to really understand why certain things happen in life and how to deal with and get through them in the best way. 

I feel a better person for knowing Tim and will read his book time and time again when I need answers. 

Thanks Tim 

HM Swansea

An honest and inspiring journey of a spiritual man’s journey from childhood to present day. A compelling and informative read which I instantly connected to.

As I read about his struggles, it stirred up some of my own memories which I hadn’t thought  about for a long time. Reading about Timothy’s own demons and then his practical and spiritual advise helped me reconcile some of my own life challenges, becoming more accepting and peaceful. I recommend this book to all of you on your own quest to self healing and spiritual connection. Thank you Timothy

KA Cardiff


Omg, where do I start!

Firstly, what an amazing book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

I have to say I was spaced out in the beginning when you were talking about other life experiences on other planets but the more I read the more I understood.

Thank you so much for sharing your story.

I have told so many people about the book.

Thank you for all you do.

I can’t wait for book number 2.

JF Swansea


Timothy Pope is a master energy healer who has helped me loads over the years, (as well as other people close to me). He’s helped alleviate anxieties, fears, phobias and answered questions I’ve been striving to find answers to all my life. Bits of the puzzle have been coming together finally and his book has played a big part in that.

He wrote this book during the long lockdowns of 2020 and it is totally mind-blowing. It tells how a normal guy from Wales, brought up in a nice church-going family, becomes awakened by incredible weird and wonderful spiritual experiences, as well as much personal grief and suffering.

It leads him to help a vast amount of people through his healing gifts and incredible compassion. It also has easy to understand explanations on so many fascinating spiritual topics such as twin flames, types of souls and multidimensionality and reminds us how every person on the planet has the potential for incredible things, not just people like him. We just need to realise how vast and powerful our souls are and believe in ourselves and the power of our love to change the World.

Thankfully no need to delve into heavy books about quantum physics any more in order to get the idea of how healing works!! (By healing I mean healing energy transferred through hands onto a body or someone’s aura, such as during Reiki healing). Although there are books out there on that topic if you have the time and want the intellectual challenge! (I do have them in my bookcase which I will get to one day…) Timothy’s book can act as a reference book, since it’s so well organised into interesting topics.

Having experienced Timothy’s healing first hand various times over the last 8 years, (and the fact I was introduced to him by someone close in our family who knows him personally) I trust every word he writes. I recommend it to anyone with a really open mind who is eager to understand our existence better and wants their minds and hearts to open further. Not for the staunchly religious or atheist who gets cross at anyone saying something different to their fixed beliefs. It’s a world-view changing book that could offend some people and quite frankly, I love it!”

AW Cornwall


I haven’t read any books like this before so, I expected the whole concept, layout and terminology to be foreign to me and it was. Timothy’s writing style is his own. He suggests early on that you read it chronologically and you should. Don’t dip ahead, there is a flowing theme throughout.

No matter which way you look at life, if you give this book the time and open your mind to an alternative way of thinking about EVERYTHING around you in your life, you cannot fail to be moved to a different place by reading it.

Some of the simple words in a paragraph or two had such a profound effect on the way I now view my current life, my history and future all made sense. The feeling of relief, of realisation, was literally enlightening. I felt various loads of pain, anger and guilt leave my ‘self’ to be replaced by understanding and forgiveness.

It lifted my heart; it remains in that lifted state now as I write. This happened several times throughout the book, as each realisation dropped into place.

If you choose to engage, it is a very emotional journey, I cried many times reading it, but not because it is sad which it sure is in parts, but mostly with joy, relief and understanding as my own self realised the meanings of things that have happened to me in my life.

Years ago, those small odd things, events, or feelings that seemed to hold some peculiar ‘special’ significance, for which you had no explanation at the time, drop in to place, affirming the themes of the book.

I feel very privileged that the timing was so perfect for me to read Timothy’s new book at this time in my life. It almost feels like the book was written and published especially for me at this time – which of course it was but you will have to read the book yourself to discover why I know that to be 100% true!

I am so glad I read Timothy’s book and I would encourage anyone, especially during these extreme circumstances (during the COVID-19 pandemic) who may be wondering:

  • Who and what am I?
  • Am I happy? (I mean really happy and fulfilled)
  • If not why not?
  • What is stopping me from feeling really happy, loved and in love, what can be done about it?

SO Swansea


Having been lucky enough to receive healing from Timothy on and off over several years, he has turned my life around. I was not aware of his own life challenges and reading his amazing book helped me also to understand the reasons and lessons on my spiritual path. This book is great for anyone on their own spiritual journey.

NW Swansea