Humanistic Counselling

This is an approach which aims to do justice to the whole person including mind, body and spirit. It represents a broad range of therapeutic methods, each recognising the self-healing capacities of the client.

How it works

The humanistic approach works towards an authentic meeting of equals in the therapy relationship. It is a journey toward greater wholeness and aliveness which results in you completing the therapy with a larger sense of who you are.

With this approach, Timothy is regarded not so much as an expert who knows more than the client he is working with but as someone who is skilled in facilitating a process of self-discovery in another.

The therapy is the practice of giving close attention to another human being’s personal development process, with the intention of facilitating their personal growth through self-discovery.

The central belief is in the possibility for change and growth towards fulfilment of the potential to become who we truly are, given the right conditions.

As a Humanistic Therapist, Timothy has a strong belief in the worth of all human beings and is dedicated to the development of the people who come into his care. He views life as a process, change is inevitable and healthy.

Timothy also has an appreciation of the spiritual and intuitive, recognising the profound problems affecting us and our world and his responsibility to promote hope and facilitate constructive change in those he works with.

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