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Energy Medicine Theory Qualification Available On-Line

Timothy’s Energy Medicine course (in theory) can be purchased on-line in PDF format. You will receive 3 PDF files as email attachments covering each level of the three level course, as well as 3 questionnaire’s. You can read the full content of the course in great detail and benefit from the information shared on it. There are approximately 225 pages of information with illustrations over the three levels, the details of the course content are explained below.

On the successful completion and return on-line of each PDF questionnaire, a successful completion certificate in Energy Medicine will be provided, on successful completion of all three questionnaire’s an accredited qualification in Energy Medicine in Theory will be issued, 4 certificates in total. These will be sent out via email attachment but also by post on request.

The cost of this on-line qualification for all three course levels is £333.00 Make a payment to purchase course

For further details please email Timothy at: [email protected]

IPHM Members discount:

There is a reduction of a third off the price for IPHM members bringing the cost of the full theory course to £222.00 a saving of £111.00, your current membership number will need to be provided. Make a payment to purchase course


A wonderful course, I enjoyed level one so much and I have learnt a lot, I love the information file provided and I am really looking forward to level two.

Miss KM Bristol 


Why should you take the on-line Energy Medicine Course

The Energy Medicine course provides an in-depth introduction to being an energy therapist. Working with consciousness and understanding the human energy field to bring relief to others from suffering, helping them to raise their spiritual awareness, vibration and consciousness.

The information is compiled from Timothy’s 25+ years of experience as a humanistic and person centred counsellor while using Spiritual Healing, Reiki, Reconnective Healing and Matrix Energetics healing modalities at master level to compliment the counselling therapy.

Spiritual topics of interest are included throughout the course to help the student gain wisdom that can be used in therapy sessions with their clients after qualifying.

Is your soul pushing you to fulfil your higher purpose, to help others perhaps, to make the world a better place or just to give something back?

Are you being called to working with energy but you’re not sure what to do or how to improve the service you are already providing?

Maybe you’re a life coach, counsellor, therapist or medical professional who sees the immense value in adding energy therapies to the services you already offer, to help your clients create massive improvements in their lives. 

Whatever the reason, we both know the Universe has led you to this information for a reason. Are you ready to attract in and live your higher divine purpose?

Are you ready to be empowered so as to heal yourself, family, friends, anyone?

Do you feel called to help bring yourself, others and the world back into peace, balance and harmony?

Do you have an ability that you want to improve on or wish to offer your ability in service for the benefit of others?

If you answered YES! to one or more of the above questions, this energy medicine on-line theory course is for YOU! 

In level one of the course everything will be covered to provide the candidate with a foundation of knowledge to start their own practice, so that if they wish they can work with the general public professionally. In level two and three, more advanced information will be provided.

True mastery comes with practice and even though this course will provide extensive knowledge in theory, it must be understood that to become a great energy therapist you must have practical experience and keep practicing your skills.

Candidates might not wish to work with the general public at present, however the information advice and wisdom gained from the course will enhance their confidence to work with others, even if they only intend to use their abilities to help family and friends for example.

Remember that what we are currently thinking might change as we develop, our confidence grows through experience. Our higher wisdom knows us intimately and Spirit guides us, so if you are drawn to take this course then just trust that there is a higher power working with you here and just go for it!

The course is aimed at candidates who are aware that they are able to or wish to channel loving energy for the benefit of others. That can be someone perhaps who has already received basic training or have experienced energy therapy themselves. Now having worked on themselves they wish to help others and they might class themselves as a beginner.

At the other end of the spectrum this course is also aimed at someone who has worked with energies many times such as a Reiki master for example but who would like to learn more and have a greater understanding of working with conscious energy and of course anyone who considers themselves in between those two points.

There will be a beneficial consciousness shift, information provided and an advancement of skills for everyone taking this course no matter at what level they consider themselves to be.

What is important is that those taking part have an open heart and mind along with a willingness to allow change to come in for them, as it is possible for anyone to hang on to outdated ways of working or regimental thought patterns already taught to them from training they have already received.

The intention of the course is for the candidate to open to new possibilities of working at a higher level of understanding. As planet Earth’s vibration gets lighter, brighter, faster we have to adapt our consciousness and energy field to stay in line with it and even the best healing systems, like our science technology have to change and upgrade over time.

The whole point of the course is to move the candidate forward in their knowledge and understanding of working with living conscious energy, provided by Source for you to help others with your fully open loving heart. Utilising your unique abilities in whichever way you find the most joy and fulfilment whilst providing the miracles you are capable of for another person’s wellbeing. On each level a series of spiritual topics relevant to energy work will also be covered in theory.

By the end of level three the candidate should be able to create a system of energy techniques that works for them and that they are comfortable using.

Hi Timothy, I just wanted to say I’m super super grateful for everything you have done for me and helped me to do.

My life has changed dramatically since I started coming to you for help and learning to become an Energy Medicine therapist. I can’t express enough how much it means to me!
Thank you so much. I’m truly grateful.

Miss MH Swansea Qualified Energy Medicine Therapist.

Content of level one:

Code of conduct
Client – Therapist relationship
Personal Hygiene
Advertising your services
Sample forms provided
What is the divine matrix or field?
Which hand works best for you?
Signs of being ungrounded
Simple grounding exercises
Pink bubble
Energy Bubble declaration
Grounding your client
An introduction to the human energy field and energy centres
The chakras and energy field system
The endocrine system
Chakra spin
Chakra system imbalances
Brief description of each chakra
Explanation of functions and issues connected to the chakras
The endocrine glands their function and purpose
The five other chakras
The 12 chakra chart
Working on different levels of the human energy field and corresponding chakras
Each level of the energy body in order and association with each chakra
Working on the chakras and different levels of the energy field
Information on the other five chakras
Feedback from the client
Cutting off and cleansing oneself

Content of level two:

Quick Recap on level one
Allowing Source to work through us
A spiritual perspective
Working with Spirit
Ascended Masters
Spirit Guides
Angelic Beings
The elemental kingdom
Star Beings
How can we receive help from these Beings of Light?
A closer look at the human energy field
A closer look at a chakra
Working with more than one chakra
Working on different chakras simultaneously
The standing multiple chakra two-point
Scanning the energy field 
An example session working on multiple chakras laying down
The full body aura sweep
Earth connection energy sweep
Being Empathic
Working with consciousness
Setting an intent
Helping someone who is unable to talk about their problems
The observer effect
Things worth remembering when working with energy
Understanding touching at two points
Time line therapy
Feedback from the client.
Content of level three:

Quick Recap on level one & two
Universal Laws (Divine Oneness, Vibration, Action, Correspondence, Cause and Effect Compensation, Perpetual Transmutation of Energy, Relativity, Polarity, Rhythm, Gender, Reciprocation, Gratitude, Abundance)
The Law of Attraction
How do we know which frequencies to deliver?
Setting up a yes or no system
How to use Frequencies and modules
Akashic records
Soul groups
Our galactic history
What are Parallel Universes?
What are Archetypes?
What are Morphic Fields?
Using flags to move or remove negative people and emotions
Changing the spin on problematic patterns
How to move someone energetically into a parallel universe
How to introduce archetypes
How to use flags and change the spin for negative people and thoughts.
Reference pages for balance polarity system

This course is being provided by Healing from the Heart Training,
is accredited by the Asclepius Training Institute, which comes under the umbrella of the Society of Psychology and Healing (SOPH).
Timothy is also an approved and accredited teacher/ trainer & therapist with the I.P.H.M (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine).

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