Timothy offers his counselling and energy practitioner services from his therapy room in Swansea, he also works remotely via Skype.

He works flexibly to resolve a wide range of issues and symptoms for his clients – an indicative list can be found on our What We Treat page.

Timothy’s services cover personal and business issues and may be for individuals couples / families or therapists. Timothy provides his services to clients of all ages, children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult who will be required to sign a consent form.

To speak to Timothy and arrange an appointment there are a number of ways to contact him.

At your appointment :-

The therapy room has a welcoming feel about it, the therapy bed is comfortable and a good place to relax listening to gentle music, while the energy session takes place, the room is bright and spacious.

An energy session lasts approximately 45 minutes, usually administered at the end of a 30 minute Counselling period, this can vary from person to person.

Initially some people can find it difficult to talk about their problems, if this is the case please don’t allow that to prevent you from receiving Timothy’s help.

In such situations Timothy can help a person through the energy work without requiring the person to even talk about a specific problem, by using his intuitive and empathic abilities. This is particularly of benefit when helping children who find difficulty in expressing themselves.

One to one consultation session, up-to 2 hours – cost £75.00
One to one therapy session, per hour – £50.00

Following an extended consultation session which is slightly more expensive, a second appointment will be made usually within the next 2 to 3 weeks or earlier at the clients request. These sessions will empower and assist you on your chosen journey of self-discovery.

At the start of your session Timothy will listen to you and explain to you what he senses and feels from your energy and your life’s circumstances. He will hopefully offer a different perception of your current difficult or painful experience, so as to help you overcome the issue and find inner peace.

The remainder of the appointment is reserved for energy work which is followed by a brief period for specific questions you may wish to ask about your experiences during the session.

The number of sessions a person requires depends on how complex the problem is but usually three energy sessions after the initial consultation appointment will bring a remarkable lifelong positive change for an individual.

The energy session is a very relaxing and enjoyable experience usually leaving the client feeling lighter, relaxed and with a peaceful mind. It is possible for the issue concerned to disappear during the energy session but no guarantees can be given.

Where problems are lifelong patterns or where the circumstances surrounding the problem are ongoing, issues might be revisited a number of times at different levels of consciousness before freedom from the problem is received but each session can reduce the level of discomfort considerably, helping the person to cope better and eventually free themselves of the difficulties involved.

Therapy for Business People, per hour – £50.00

Timothy also helps individuals from the business community to resolve issues related to their working environment such as work related stress, issues with their employees or employees with their employer, bullying and harassment, cash flow problems, lack of business being attracted, confidence issues such as speaking in meetings and so on.

The problems experienced in business can usually be traced to the individuals personal problems, so the therapy session can encompass the persons whole being both on a business and personal level.

Skype Therapy Sessions for 90 minutes – cost £75.00
Remote Therapy Session without Skype – cost £50.00

Counselling and high vibrational absent / remote energy therapy involves connecting with clients, providing guidance, support and with facilitating help for them energetically anywhere in the world. This involves linking at a pre-arranged time usually via Skype.

Skype sessions can be booked in advance for 90 minutes, this allows time to talk through the issues the person requires assistance with and to provide help energetically. Remote sessions without Skype usually take place on a Thursday evening at a pre-arranged time, instructions are provided via email.

Couples and Families, up-to 2 hours – cost £75.00
Children under 16, per hour – cost £40.00

Timothy works with many couples and occasionally their children to cover different aspects of relationships and help the clients and their families to understand the energy dynamic of what is occurring between them.

The first session is a consultation session to unravel the complexities of the problems being experienced giving an insight into a positive way forward for everyone involved.

Often this later involves separate individual sessions for each party to allow them to deal with their own issues.

If a child under the age of 16 requires help then one accompanying adult will be required to remain during the therapy session and a consent form must be signed by the child’s parent / guardian before therapy commences.

Therapy sessions for Therapists, per hour – cost £50.00

Timothy also provides sessions for individuals who are therapists themselves, spiritual enhancement / attunement is a variation on the above sessions mentioned, in that the content is focused on spiritual advancement with a potential increase in the client’s abilities whatever those abilities may be.

He has assisted many therapists to enhance their abilities in their chosen field and enjoys being of service to such individuals promoting greater achievements, successes and more enjoyable experiences for them whilst they help others.

In a number of cases people that have started off receiving Timothy’s help for personal issues have then discovered they have a spiritual ability such as being a healer for example and have then gone on to develop their ability.

Timothy continues to guide and support them when required, as they provide their services for others.

30 Minute Top Up, cost £25.00

The 30 minute top up session is intended to help existing clients who have found themselves out of alignment and is not designed to replace a full therapy session.

Sometimes in the period between sessions a person can experience a crisis, usually caused by someone else, that can take them out of the peaceful and balanced way of being that they have found through the therapy work.

As Timothy is usually quite busy he sometimes is unable to offer a full therapy session so he has created the 30 minute top up, to allow an existing client to pop in at an agreed time for a realignment to put them back into the peaceful and balanced state they were in prior to the crisis.

As such a session is squeezed in between or after normal appointments there is a strict 30 minute rule and the 30 minutes is used for energy work rather than talking.

Timothy will use this brief period to balance, centre and recalibrate the persons energy field to help them feel better until their next therapy session when the issues can be discussed in greater detail and dealt with properly. The next therapy session (depending on availability) can be brought forward if necessary to help the person overcome what they have experienced as quickly as possible.

There is a smaller charge of £25.00 for this service which is only available if it is possible for Timothy to allocate the time around his other commitments for that day.

Timothy does not want any of his clients to suffer between therapy sessions and he tries to be as flexible as possible with appointments to assist his clients if need be. Please give as much notice as possible if requiring this extra emergency help between sessions so as not to be disappointed.