Matrix Energetics

Matrix Energetics

It is not always easy to overcome one’s problems. If it were, we would all do so without seeking help outside of ourselves. Matrix Energetics works on the cause of the problem being experienced not the symptom so the possibility for transformation is real.

One of the many benefits the Matrix Energetics practitioner is able to bring for the recipient is the experience of being in the NOW moment. Through this they experience relief from their suffering which is based on either something from their past or something from their past being projected onto a possible future event.

Where mindfulness techniques have to be learned and practiced, Matrix Energetics can provide an almost instant experience of the NOW moment energetically. While the person is in the NOW moment their higher wisdom works with their right brain, creative mind, to bring in positive transformation of the problem they are experiencing.

This creates a positive mindset as heart centred, right brain, higher wisdom and Source energy come into alignment and the person experiences a way of being that is healthy and balanced.

Working on issues that are being experienced can bring resolution and freedom from the problem, the masculine and feminine energies flowing through the person come into balance and peace of mind is just one of the many benefits that is experienced in this new way of being.

How it works

Matrix Energetics is based on laws of subtle energy physics, consciousness and focused intent. Rapid observable changes with no waiting can be experienced. Matrix Energetics encompasses a new state of mind, a fresh way of experiencing the world we live in, providing us with a more advanced understanding of how life really is and freeing the individual of limitations created in their left logical, scientific and ego driven brain, based on their life story with its negativity, pain and suffering.

Connecting to the Matrix Field allows a consciousness shift with the body responding instantly and recipients usually feeling the wave of loving energy flowing through them. They might experience release of pain, feel lighter, have a more positive feeling of freedom and possibility with profound peace and relaxation as the wave like motion is felt and the body seems to drop into a completely relaxed wave instantly.

For more information about the physics involved in Matrix Energetics, visit the Matrix Energetics website.

Unfortunately, you will no longer find any British Matrix Energetics Practitioners listed on the Matrix Energetics official website which is based in the U.S.A. The reason for this is that Richard stopped providing teaching in Europe and to maintain a presence on their website was just too expensive.