I started seeing Timothy Pope in March 2024 due to my partner passing away in December 2023. I was grief stricken and found myself coping less and less with everyday life.

I had been told of many positive things that some others I knew had experienced with Tim and ironically, when I was seeing a different healer back in 2021, it was Tim’s room I sat outside to wait for my appointment.

I was very apprehensive arriving for my first appointment, however, I really shouldn’t have been. I remember so clearly how I felt when I left that first appointment and it was truly nothing short of a miracle.

I see Tim on a regular basis as this bereavement has stirred up years of previous trauma, from childhood right up to the breakdown of my marriage and I am extremely proud of my personal transformation, none of which would have been possible without Tim.

In May, I went on a holiday that I had booked not long after I had started working with Tim. I had been told about his book and even though I was eager to read it, I choose to take it to the Maldives with me and read it there.

I was staying on a peaceful small island. I thought the location would be perfect and it was indeed. Each morning, I would step out of the beachfront bungalow, walk a few steps to a sunbed by the sea and immerse myself in the book.

On day 5, it was a Sunday, I had started reading one chapter and I had an immediate urge to just hold the book close to my chest and close my eyes. I did just that and it felt like Tim was right there providing his healing services to me in person.

For the very first time since seeing Tim, the left and right side of my mind displayed bright colours and there was a blinding bright light that shone through from the right-hand side.

I have always been fortunate to visualise a lot of colours and light during my sessions with Tim however, there has always been some darkness on previous occasions, unlike this time.

I am not entirely sure how long I had my eyes shut for, however that particular event really shifted a lot of negative energy and I found myself in a tranquil state of peace.

I continue to work with Tim and constantly recommend him to my friends and family.

Tim – I will always be eternally grateful to you for all of your ongoing support and guidance. Thank you. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Miss LD Swansea


I had some issues from the past that needed resolving, and came across the Energy Healing provided by Timothy Pope while online. Without any expectation I booked a consultation appointment and with an open mind I attended the first session. I soon felt that there was no difficulty in expressing my truth and the results from the healing I received have been extraordinary.

To explain, my inner world and wellbeing has improved beyond my expectation and because of this I went on to do the Energy Medicine Course with Tim and some other inspirational participants.

With Tim`s compassion, empathy, wisdom and energy healing, for me personally the outcome has been remarkable. I feel deep gratitude for the life changing healing I have received, and I would recommend his Energy Healing and the Energy Medicine Courses.

Thank you so much Tim

Mrs AS South Wales


I have been seeing Timothy Pope each month since August this year after my mum’s passing, I have been receiving counselling and energy healing from Tim.

Hand on heart I’m a success story, how it’s really changed my way of thinking and I feel so much better.

Initially, I saw Tim for bereavement but a whole lot of other stuff I had been carrying within came to the surface to be healed.

I have been given new better ways of dealing with things by Tim using his magical healing gifts.

I rate Tim very highly, if you need help, go and get it …don’t hesitate, it’s working for me.

Thank you, Tim.

Miss JH Swansea


Hi Timothy.

I Hope you are well.

Just a quick message to say thank you for my appointment last Thursday.

Thank you for opening my eyes to a new horizon during my recent visit with you. I can’t begin to tell you how different I feel and think since the session.

I left your place feeling a different person, almost walking on air on my way back to the Kingsway. The ‘pain’ I had been feeling for years through my anxiety has left me and I seem to be approaching life in a new way and in a completely different context.

I have a more sympathetic understanding and viewpoint of other people too, a new higher tolerance.

I don’t want to sound too dramatic or even exaggerating of the impact but the effect you’ve had on me has been quite profound.

I am currently enjoying your book too which is very enlightening. I am so happy that I had that appointment with you.

Thank you once again, I’m so grateful. Looking forward to the next appointment.

Until then, best wishes.

Mr AH Swansea


Timothy has been my therapist for around a year. I’ve had a life like a soap opera character, I thought it would take a life time to unravel, but my life has completely transformed in this year. I never even imagined happiness like I experience now.
I also took my daughter to him and within 4 sessions he transformed her life also.

When the opportunity to train with Tim came up, I grabbed it with both hands. I don’t have the vocabulary to describe how out of this world this course is. It’s like an injection of spiritual rocket fuel!

The lessons are fantastic, full of priceless information, but also the days following are filled with shifts and insights on a profound level. I was lucky to train alongside some beautiful people, who no doubt will go on to do great things.

I am eternally grateful to Tim for sharing his knowledge, I’ll be happy if I can do a fraction of the good that he has. The possibilities feel endless after completing the course, it’s almost daunting!

Thank you, Tim Pope, for giving me my life back.

Miss LB Swansea


Hi Timothy, I just wanted to say I’m super super grateful for everything you have done for me and helped me to do.

My life has changed dramatically since I started coming to you for help and learning to become an Energy Medicine therapist. I can’t express enough how much it means to me! Thank you so much. I’m truly grateful.

Miss MH Swansea


My 12-year-old daughter has been suffering with social anxiety and self-confidence since the start of the pandemic. This was such a worrying time for us as a parent, when you see your child suddenly change from happy and outgoing to anxious and withdrawn.

We knew we needed to reach out and find a way to help and support her. We got recommended by a friend to see Timothy. We both felt so welcomed at the first session. Tim has such a warming nature about him and made us both feel very relaxed and at ease.

We didn’t know what to expect when we went along for the first time. I sat in on all the sessions and all I can say is, we both went away feeling so uplifted and happy.

Myself and my husband have noticed a huge change in our daughter. She no longer hides up in her bedroom refusing to leave the house. She has been out EVERY day with friends. No more panic attacks!

She is so much happier and confident. It was a very worrying time seeing our daughter have panic attacks, not wanting to leave the house or to see any of her friends.

Tim’s sessions have massively helped my daughter to get her life back on track. I will be forever grateful for all his help and guidance.

Mrs MB Swansea


“An absolute pleasure to read. I could not put it down.
One man’s Frank and honest account of his own spiritual awakening.
For me, simply the best book I have ever read.
Thank you Timothy Pope”.

JP Swansea.

What struck me most about this book was the way Timothy Pope was able to demonstrate his deep love and compassion and caring for people, by using his life’s experiences as a parallel.

With honesty and humbleness, he has been able to show examples of and possibilities for, spiritual growth and extraordinary happenings and he explains clearly the physics of how beneficial change can come about in the human energy dynamic.

You will find, no matter what your current level of awareness or knowledge, information here to help you expand your consciousness and let go of fear.

This book is truly a masterpiece of demonstrating how unconditional love can go hand-in-hand with an infinite amount of knowledge and wisdom and is a book which can provide a fantastic point of reference for diverse Spiritual and esoteric subjects.
I cannot recommend it highly enough.

TF Swansea

I appreciate all you have done for me Timothy during the time that I have received your help. I have been reading your book which has also opened my eyes and helped me significantly.

I feel like a new person and I have learned a lot from our sessions and through reading your book. I feel I am ready to go it alone now and be the better person you have made me. Kind regards and thank you for all you have done and helped me with.

AC Llanelli South Wales

“Tim has led a colourful, interesting, remarkable life and has helped so many people overcome so many things.
If you’re interested in the mystical, spiritual, holistic and quantum, it’s an interesting, eye opening great read”

CH Swansea.

“I am so loving your book, it is so well written and easy to read, open and honest.
Thank you so much for writing this”.

SL Swansea.

This book has gripped me, yet I wish to savour it and take in every word. The author’s teachings are a blessing and you feel his passion and dedication to help others throughout the whole book. I will keep it and use it as further reference as guidance for many years.

KD Swansea


Hi Tim, thank you so much for writing your book. It’s absolutely amazing, I could feel the love emanating from the pages soon as I opened it!

It’s exactly what I needed right now!

It’s triggered some massive releases, I’ve cried like a baby and I’m only on page 100 😆

Sending all the love and gratitude you put into your book right back at you, you truly are a legend!

Thank you so much 🙏

LB Swansea

A fantastic book, open, honest, heartwarming and educational, having read many books on this subject, I can honestly say that this is amongst the best. On a personal note Tim has been an excellent friend and teacher of mine for around ten years and his knowledge built up over decades on this subject as well as a huge amount of integrity mean that information within this book can be trusted. Some people write from opinion but this book is written from experience and very much from the heart.

CB Swansea

I read this book over two days, unusual for me but I was enjoying the read so much. It’s a mix of Timothy’s experiences in his own life and with his healing. He is passionate about what he does. I was lucky enough to have healing from him at a low time in my life and he literally changed my life. I was looking forward to him bringing out this book and I was not disappointed.

CP Swansea

This book is like no other – when you read it you can feel the solace the book administers. It is written from the heart, the author opens his heart as a gift to you. The writing expresses the bravery and honesty which is requisite for the spiritual quest.
As you read, you walk through the life of the author and see the challenges he has overcome on his great expedition.
From this you will learn everything is love and that you need to speak your truth. This book heals you and encourages you to keep on the path you were chosen for.
While reading it I saw blue balls of energy in my peripheral vision. I feel happy when reading this book, it has a lovely energy, I even meditate holding it and feel connected to Lemuria.

SR Swansea

Hi Timothy,

I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your book, it is an excellent read, congratulations. I must let you know but you may think I am crazy, as I am reading the book, I keep seeing a little blue light traveling very quickly up the centre of the book, but it disappears as soon as I focus on it, its strange, anyway the book is a great read well done.

DT Llanelli South Wales

I have known Timothy for a long time now, he has helped me through some difficult times and for that I am very grateful to him. When I heard that Tim was writing a book I was fascinated to find out more about his life. 

I loved the book, I couldn’t put it down and I got lost in reading about some of the experiences he has had throughout his life. It is a great self-help book as well as being a great story. 

Tim’s book has helped me to really understand why certain things happen in life and how to deal with and get through them in the best way. 

I feel a better person for knowing Tim and will read his book time and time again when I need answers. 

Thanks Tim 

HM Swansea

An honest and inspiring journey of a spiritual man’s journey from childhood to present day. A compelling and informative read which I instantly connected to.

As I read about his struggles, it stirred up some of my own memories which I hadn’t thought  about for a long time. Reading about Timothy’s own demons and then his practical and spiritual advise helped me reconcile some of my own life challenges, becoming more accepting and peaceful. I recommend this book to all of you on your own quest to self healing and spiritual connection. Thank you Timothy

KA Cardiff


Omg, where do I start!

Firstly, what an amazing book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

I have to say I was spaced out in the beginning when you were talking about other life experiences on other planets but the more I read the more I understood.

Thank you so much for sharing your story.

I have told so many people about the book.

Thank you for all you do.

I can’t wait for book number 2.

JF Swansea


Timothy Pope is a master energy healer who has helped me loads over the years, (as well as other people close to me). He’s helped alleviate anxieties, fears, phobias and answered questions I’ve been striving to find answers to all my life. Bits of the puzzle have been coming together finally and his book has played a big part in that.

He wrote this book during the long lockdowns of 2020 and it is totally mind-blowing. It tells how a normal guy from Wales, brought up in a nice church-going family, becomes awakened by incredible weird and wonderful spiritual experiences, as well as much personal grief and suffering.

It leads him to help a vast amount of people through his healing gifts and incredible compassion. It also has easy to understand explanations on so many fascinating spiritual topics such as twin flames, types of souls and multidimensionality and reminds us how every person on the planet has the potential for incredible things, not just people like him. We just need to realise how vast and powerful our souls are and believe in ourselves and the power of our love to change the World.

Thankfully no need to delve into heavy books about quantum physics any more in order to get the idea of how healing works!! (By healing I mean healing energy transferred through hands onto a body or someone’s aura, such as during Reiki healing). Although there are books out there on that topic if you have the time and want the intellectual challenge! (I do have them in my bookcase which I will get to one day…) Timothy’s book can act as a reference book, since it’s so well organised into interesting topics.

Having experienced Timothy’s healing first hand various times over the last 8 years, (and the fact I was introduced to him by someone close in our family who knows him personally) I trust every word he writes. I recommend it to anyone with a really open mind who is eager to understand our existence better and wants their minds and hearts to open further. Not for the staunchly religious or atheist who gets cross at anyone saying something different to their fixed beliefs. It’s a world-view changing book that could offend some people and quite frankly, I love it!”

AW Cornwall


I haven’t read any books like this before so, I expected the whole concept, layout and terminology to be foreign to me and it was. Timothy’s writing style is his own. He suggests early on that you read it chronologically and you should. Don’t dip ahead, there is a flowing theme throughout.

No matter which way you look at life, if you give this book the time and open your mind to an alternative way of thinking about EVERYTHING around you in your life, you cannot fail to be moved to a different place by reading it.

Some of the simple words in a paragraph or two had such a profound effect on the way I now view my current life, my history and future all made sense. The feeling of relief, of realisation, was literally enlightening. I felt various loads of pain, anger and guilt leave my ‘self’ to be replaced by understanding and forgiveness.

It lifted my heart; it remains in that lifted state now as I write. This happened several times throughout the book, as each realisation dropped into place.

If you choose to engage, it is a very emotional journey, I cried many times reading it, but not because it is sad which it sure is in parts, but mostly with joy, relief and understanding as my own self realised the meanings of things that have happened to me in my life.

Years ago, those small odd things, events, or feelings that seemed to hold some peculiar ‘special’ significance, for which you had no explanation at the time, drop in to place, affirming the themes of the book.

I feel very privileged that the timing was so perfect for me to read Timothy’s new book at this time in my life. It almost feels like the book was written and published especially for me at this time – which of course it was but you will have to read the book yourself to discover why I know that to be 100% true!

I am so glad I read Timothy’s book and I would encourage anyone, especially during these extreme circumstances (during the COVID-19 pandemic) who may be wondering:

  • Who and what am I?
  • Am I happy? (I mean really happy and fulfilled)
  • If not why not?
  • What is stopping me from feeling really happy, loved and in love, what can be done about it?

SO Swansea


Having been lucky enough to receive healing from Timothy on and off over several years, he has turned my life around. I was not aware of his own life challenges and reading his amazing book helped me also to understand the reasons and lessons on my spiritual path. This book is great for anyone on their own spiritual journey.

NW Swansea



I just wanted to give Timothy Pope a testimonial to put on his website as I am so grateful for all the work he has done to help me.

I feel I am getting better and better, he has really changed my way of thinking, I know there is still work to do but I feel I am heading in the right direction.

The sessions I received remotely during lock down also kept me in a good place when I could not see Tim in person at his therapy centre.

Thanks Tim, I am looking forward to my next appointment.

Mr SC Swansea


My husband has been seeing Timothy Pope for the last 2 years after he experienced a full nervous mental breakdown. My husband had seen our family GP and was prescribed medication, which after a little trial and error finding what suited him, it did help him somewhat. He was also referred to counselling via the NHS which again did help a little but there was something missing…

A business associate of my husband recommended that he sought the professional help of Timothy Pope. I was hesitant as I am dubious of spiritual healing etc,  but what more was there to lose….

There was an immediate improvement and with appointments periodically, 2 years later we now have our family life back to what I consider normal for us, I have my husband and best friend back, my children have their Dad back emotionally. I have no idea what Timothy does within his sessions, but when I see my husband starting to go downhill, I plead he books a session with Tim as when he returns, I have my husband back!

Happy husband= happy wife=happy children= happy family unit. As I have never met you Mr Pope, may I take this opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you from me and our children.

Mrs SB Swansea


I was recommended to Timothy Pope by a good friend who had benefitted immensely from Tim’s help in the past.

I had two sessions with Tim before lockdown which helped me a great deal.

Since lockdown I have had 3 sessions with Tim on Skype, with his remote counselling and healing energy work and I am really looking forward to the next one.

I have progressed so much since using this service and I have been feeling a lot better about myself.

Thanks for all the good work Tim, see you soon.

Mr SC Swansea


I instinctively knew you were the person to turn to! I won’t share details lol but thank you…it worked!

Mrs LB Staffordshire


I have been using Timothy Pope’s services for over 6 years.
I have found the sessions with Tim to be massively motivational and left them feeling invigorated and motivated to act on several fronts.

During these strange times with a world pandemic, I still felt the need to have sessions with Tim to help reduce the stresses of day to day life and work pressures.

Having these online since the lockdown, has been a huge help to me and has allowed me to talk through the various stresses and best way to deal with what was going on.

I have and will continue to book further sessions with Tim. This allows me to continue achieving great results through his skills and resetting situations to make them more positive and focused.

I would recommend everyone to try a session with Tim and I would have no hesitations in recommending Tim to family and friends with complete confidence that he will help them.

Thank you for your help and support Tim.

Mr DM Swansea


I have been seeing Timothy Pope for energy work in person for a while and in addition I have now found the remote session’s he provides to also be truly transformational.

When Covid-19 meant that I was unable to visit Tim in person, it was a relief to be able to carry on receiving his help via Skype.

I have benefitted from the session’s just the same and because Tim has the ability to help you relax, it’s just like meeting him in person.

Because he puts similar advertising behind him as seen in his therapy centre, it looks professional as well and you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home.

I would highly recommend Tim’s Skype service to everyone.

Mr CB Swansea


When I first met Timothy Pope, I had problems with anger in work and within family relationships.

Tim has helped me understand my issues and I am now a lot happier and feeling more positive about my future.

During Tim’s energy work, I have often had profound visions saw bright colours and felt hugely uplifted afterwards.

Tim is professional, easy to talk to and whilst he is extremely knowledgeable, he explains things in a way that’s easy to understand.

I always look forward to Tim’s sessions and come out afterwards feeling fantastic.

Thank you, Tim

Mr CB Swansea


Initially, being a little sceptical on the benefits of a Skype session, I am now awaiting my third one.

Whilst it is an adjusted set up, I felt the same positive impact that I do in the face to face sessions with Timothy.

The energy healing part feels a little different but no less effective.

The fact that I have been able to continue my sessions during lock down and have the continuity and continued progress of these sessions, has been a massive help.

I would definitely recommend the Skype remote therapy sessions that Tim provides.

Thank you, Tim.

Miss RW Swansea


I had visited Timothy before in person at his therapy centre. When we made the switch to on-line therapy due to the lock down, I was optimistic about it working but also, I wasn’t sure how it would work and I had some doubts in my mind, if I’m honest!

It’s actually been a really interesting experience, after the conversation via Skype, being in the comfort of my own home has made me more able to get into a relaxed state.

During the energy work, being almost at the edge of sleep and unconscious and despite the physical distance, I could notice a lot of sensations and visuals coming up which helped me see that it was working.

I could feel the process of Tim scanning through my body and the movement of different energies.

After every session I have had an intensification of synchronicities and guidance, which has been really interesting.

I would definitely recommend having a session to see for yourself and receive the positive impact on your well-being.

Thank you, Tim, I appreciate all your help.

Mr AE Swansea


Seeing Timothy over recent years, has made a huge difference in both how I view myself and the world.

At a challenging time in my life I was brought to Tim.

I cannot express how much he has helped me, from originally clearing the problems through to maintaining personal growth as a Being.

During the recent lockdown restrictions, I have had Skype video sessions, I highly recommend this service.

Thank you Tim for all your help

I’m very grateful.


Mr DC Swansea


I have had about 4 sessions with Timothy to date. The first session was face to face at his therapy centre.

I was recommended to go and see Tim by a lady I worked with. She was so happy and relaxed after seeing him, despite some of her life difficulties.

My first session with him was face to face. I felt immediately relaxed in Timothy’s company. I was seeing Tim because I was feeling a bit low in mood. I really enjoyed the energy healing.

The second time I saw Tim was via a Skype call, I was a little nervous about using this method, but I needn’t have been.

Although the experience is different with a little bit of person to person connection lost, it was still a good session. I love the colours I see when having the healing after the conversation.

The Skype sessions have continued during lock down and my life and situations are changing for the better. I am more confident and relaxed and I’m in a happier place.

Thank you very much Tim.

Mrs LD Swansea


My remote healing sessions have worked really well during lock down and had its benefits, as I didn’t have to get up as early to drive to Timothy’s therapy centre.

It wasn’t much different to a normal appointment and whilst Tim was working on me, I could feel the energy moving around me and I could see the colours that I usually do within the therapy session.

Overall, just as good as a 1-2-1 session.

Thank you Tim

Mrs NW Swansea


Working with Timothy over the past year has completely turned my life around. I never really believed in this “energy healing stuff” but given my circumstances, it was worth a shot!

Today, I’m in a completely different space and I feel like the darkness that was consuming my life has dissipated and my mind is clearer and more importantly I have so much hope for the future!

Even during the Covid-19 lockdown, we’ve been remote working via Skype, which I have valued greatly! It’s especially important when times are tough, to go through the process that we have and I find the remote work is perfect for this!

Thank you, Timothy for all your help.

Mr BH Swansea


I was recommended to Timothy Pope by my mum, who has achieved great results receiving his help herself with issues related to her business.

I am a football scholar and I moved away from home at the age of sixteen and I had struggled in my first year with injury and issues with my coach. I was feeling very depressed and had lost my belief that I could continue to pursue my dream of becoming a professional footballer.

I didn’t know what to expect and I was comfortable with Tim from the minute he greeted me at his office. We talked about lots of things that had been going on and Tim came up with suggestions and anecdotes that I was able to learn lessons from and put lots of things into perspective for me. The therapy stirred up very positive emotions such as not giving up, I can achieve my goals and dreams!

I would highly recommend Timothy Pope to anyone in any sports profession who maybe in a similar position to myself. There are many different factors that can have a detrimental impact on a persons development and progression within their chosen field. Tim has taught me how to effectively process negative situations that would previously have affected my confidence and my self-belief, so that I now react in a more positive manner which in turn results in a more proactive and happier environment for me.

Mr LR Swansea


I have come across your website quite a few times and I wanted to reach out to let you know just how much I appreciate the information provided on it which has helped me.
I personally have had a few female health invisible illnesses and I went through Reiki training back in November 2016. After this I did a cleanse and restore protocol and that year in 2017 I was able to finally (after years of trying) loose 40lbs and 2 yrs later, the weight is still off.
While working with a personal coach last year she did some research which included your website and found that the physical illnesses I had were 100% related to my chakras. It’s absolutely amazing and I just wanted to say your articles are SO valuable! Thank you!

Mrs PZ


I would like to say a huge thank you to Timothy Pope for the amazing support he has provided for me over several months.

Fortunately, Timothy was highly recommended by a friend who said “go with an open mind” as I did not know what to expect.

I cannot praise Tim highly enough as he has helped me to arrive at a much better place where I am now in my life. Timothy goes beyond normal counselling services, by displaying kindness, sensitivity, generosity and above all showing that he genuinely cares.

It has been a journey of tears for me but Tim as helped me to regain my confidence and boost my self-esteem.

Timothy also helped me to move on with my life, though difficult, he encouraged me to think about the next chapter in my life, which was my business direction and when I was ready to do so he would invite me as a visitor to a business group, this was a big step for me to take.

I am so glad that Tim did encourage me to do this and I am so grateful for all his efforts because I would not have met so many of the inspirational and fun filled members that are in the group since I joined, all of whom have been so welcoming.

Finally, I have made a very special friend and I hope that I continue to show a level of positivity as an outcome of how good Timothy’s counselling therapy can work.

Thank you. Tim

Mrs SH Swansea


Having benefitted from Timothy Pope’s counselling services myself, I referred my daughter to Tim to help her get over her nerves when trying to pass her approaching driving test.

She had one two-hour session with Tim and came out feeling very positive not just about her driving test but other aspects of her life too.

This week she passed her driving test on her seventh attempt!

So, I would like to thank Tim for his help with my daughter in giving her the confidence to believe in herself and to finally achieve one of her life’s goals
(and it’s a great relief to me too)!

Thanks again for all your invaluable input Tim, a sentiment which I know is shared by other members within my business group.

Mrs JB Neath


I want to thank you Timothy for the help and support you have given to a close member of my family.

The person concerned had been experiencing issues with anxiety and depression for many years and our family had tried everything to help them with these problems.

After some encouragement the family member agreed to see you and since that session our family have noticed huge differences in the mind set and positivity shown within the person’s day to day life.

They now seem to have a different outlook on life and things that used to cause upset and distress now seem to be less of a burden.

The family member is extremely positive about their experiences with you and is looking forward to future sessions to maintain this positivity and sense of well-being.

The road can be long with anxiety and depression however, with your help Tim the family feel that the person is now on the right track.

This is all thanks to you and our family would like to thank you for all that you have done so far.

Many Thanks.

Mr CT Swansea


I was recommended to Timothy Pope from a very good friend of mine, who’s child had sessions with him, my daughter is 14 years of age and had suffered with terrible anxiety.

It had been so bad she wouldn’t get on the school bus so I had to drive her to and from school every day, which had an impact on my job, it also had an impact whenever we wanted to go on holiday.

We had paid for her to go to New York with the school which she was really excited about, until the morning came of her departure, well she got about an hour away from home when I had the phone call to go and pick her up.

On another occasion we had booked a family holiday and she was determined she wasn’t getting on the plane but after a few sessions from Tim it was crunch time. We got to the departure lounge and it started again, I was ready to come home but with a bit of slow breathing and some coping techniques that Tim had taught her we managed to get on the plane.

We had a fantastic holiday and as the last day came I thought I wonder how she’s going to be on the flight home!!! but it was wonderful, no panic attacks, no tears it was wonderful.

I can’t stress enough what Tim has done for my daughter, there were many reasons why we went to him but every day I am grateful for the help and healing energies that he has provided for my daughter to help her get on with day to day living.

I would like to thank Tim for all that he has done for us, not just for my daughter but for all of us as a family, we can now enjoy things without the stress that previously made everyday tasks hard to deal with.

Mrs DY Swansea


On the recommendation of a number of people and after listening to Timothy’s recent presentation at my business group I have now had two sessions with him.

As people know, I am not the most relaxed person in the world but when I come out after a session with Timothy, I feel chilled, relaxed and really positive. In fact, I can even doze off when I’m there!!!

He has made me understand that I need to let go of my anxieties, anger and other issues in order to lead a more relaxed and happier life and believe me it works!

I’ve sacked a difficult client, stopped bickering among my family at home and I now understand that no-one is going to die if I don’t write a blog!

As a result, I feel so much better in myself, not afraid to address issues, I even take time off at the weekend.

Thanks Timothy, me and my family very much appreciate the difference this change of attitude has made in my life and if you are reading this testimonial book a session with Timothy, I don’t know what you are waiting for!


Mrs JB Llanelli


Dear Tim,
I am writing to thank you for your help with our son Charlie.
As you know, he was having trouble in school with his self-confidence and concentration levels.

He also had problems with impulsivity which had led to him being excluded on two occasions. As discussed at his last therapy session with you, after your help Charlie is now doing much better in school and has displayed a new capacity for contemplation having been provoked by other pupils in similar circumstances to those that had previously led to his exclusions.

Most importantly, Charlie is now looking forward to school days and this is a great outcome for everyone. So many thanks for your help and please give my number to anyone who is contemplating using your services for their own children.

Thank you, Tim.

Mr GT Swansea


You have a lovely website Timothy. You also have a wonderful healing energy which has helped many people improve their health conditions.

I will always be very pleased to recommend you to everyone who needs your help.

Mr GK South Wales


“where there is love there is light and where there is light there is love”.
I thought your site was brill.



I turned to Timothy Pope for help, when I was at a loss with how to help my teenage daughter. From being a happy, confident kid, she was having panic attacks, had developed low self-esteem and was suffering from low moods, even feeling suicidal at times.

If your teenager is having a tough time, whether it’s through bullying, wondering where they fit in, pressures at school or any other of the issues that young people experience these days, Timothy can help.

In the words of my daughter, who is now back to her bright, cheery self,
“I felt so much better from the very first visit with Tim, he helped me feel balanced and hopeful”. Thank you, Tim.

Mrs JN Swansea


Hello Timothy,
I want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for all you have done for me in getting me to a place where I at last feel confident and happy. I’ve got your contact details and if I do ever need any help in the future I will be in touch.
I wish you all the best with your future plans.
Best wishes x

Miss KJ Swansea


Dear Timothy,
I just wanted to say thank you.

I can’t say that I understood everything you said yesterday on my first appointment but a lot of it made sense and resonated with me.
Most importantly however is the way that I feel.

I can’t quite believe that I am the same person that left the house yesterday morning, I do feel a sense of being ‘grounded’ and it’s almost as if I feel in charge of my future again which is not something I’ve felt for a long time.

I’ve also laughed, danced and sang, albeit in small doses since my visit to you yesterday (despite the painful tooth which incidentally also feels better).

I realise I have a long way to go and feel sure that I can get there with your help but just having a heavy weight lifted from me is an enormous improvement and I wanted to let you know what you have done for me.

I tested myself this morning and tried to summon up some of the misery I have been feeling but I can’t!

I look forward to my next appointment.
Thank you so much.

Miss ST Ceredigion West Wales


Mr Timothy Pope joined Swansea & Gower Cancer Self Help Group as a volunteer therapist in March 2003.

He gave his time, support and comfort to many members of our group in his own unique way without receiving payment of any kind for his time or service. He also covered his own traveling expenses for which we are grateful.

Timothy used his counselling and healing skills to ease member’s fears and to help them gain a positive approach to fighting their illness and assisted them in attaining an improved sense of peace and well-being. Timothy was also an active committee member who did his best in supporting the many facets of running such a volunteer organisation.

Timothy is very aware of the vulnerability of group members who are probably going through one of the most difficult periods of their lives. He has always shown great care for the well-being of our members and is very experienced in working with people of all age groups under very sensitive conditions.

I have no hesitation in giving Timothy a character reference, he has always been an asset providing his voluntary service at Swansea and Gower Cancer Self-Help Group.

I hope this reflects if only in a small way a verification of Timothy’s abilities, care and sincerity in his dedication to helping those vulnerable people less fortunate than himself.

For and behalf of Swansea & Gower Cancer Self-Help Group.

Mrs Yvonne Young - Director and Founder of Swansea & Gower Cancer Self-Help Group


Timothy Pope provided his services at Wholly Well Complimentary Therapy Centre as a counsellor and energy practitioner from 2003 to 2013.

He worked hard at achieving the very best for his clients who were mainly vulnerable people going through very difficult experiences in their lives such as bereavement and critical illness.

We have received many reports from them stating how much they have benefitted from his loving and caring approach not to mention his unique counselling and healing abilities.

He upholds confidentiality, is punctual, very conscientious and committed to his work, I would have no hesitation in recommending Timothy for any position but especially one that includes working with those in society who are vulnerable in anyway.

He is a genuine sincere person who donates much of his free time to helping others less fortunate than him-self.

Mrs PA Gwyther BSc (Hons) Psychology - Director Wholly Well Complementary Therapy Clinic


I have known Timothy Pope for many years in a professional capacity and I have always found him to be a caring, friendly and helpful individual.

He had worked at “Brookland’s” Clinic as a qualified voluntary Counsellor / Energy Practitioner, donating his time and experience without charge to clients. He has helped many clients with a range of issues and has had excellent results.

I have always found that Timothy treats his clients with the highest regard and takes a genuine non-judgmental interest in their welfare.

Timothy is an insured member of several counselling and energy healing organisations and has been an active committee member with Swansea & Gower cancer group and has also worked for the Swansea and Neath Valleys cancer groups as a therapist on regular occasions.

I have no hesitation in recommending Timothy as a counsellor and energy practitioner, I have always found him to be truthful, honest and trustworthy.

I am sure he will do his best to assist any client to the best of his ability to overcome their difficulties.

Mr M Shrewsbury BA, BSc, FRAI, FHRS - Director Brookland's Clinic Swansea.


Thank you, Timothy for all your help when I was suffering from anxiety and depression after my dad died.

You helped me to come off all the medication I needed just to get through each day and I will be forever grateful to you, thank you so much.

Miss CP, Swansea


Timothy Pope has been working with me on and off for over 5 years and I am so grateful for how he has helped me to transform my life.

In addition to helping me, 3 years ago my son started Secondary School and like many, found the transition from Primary to Secondary difficult.

He was nervous and some things about new school life started to bother him and the change felt overwhelming.

I happened to mention this to Tim at one of my appointment’s and he suggested I bring my son to a few sessions.

Chatting to Tim along with the energy work, concentrated on building his confidence and facing his fears.

Tim suggested techniques that my son could take away with him and use himself to help him feel more confident and empowered.

The appointments helped him tremendously and he still talks about the sessions.
Thank you Tim.

Mrs SR Swansea


Timothy, I wanted to thank you for my energy healing session on Wednesday 20th.

You took away the fear I have had for so long and by Friday I was ready to face ‘things’ head on.

I truly am thankful to you for giving me the opportunity to finally live my life in the present and not forever in the past. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Miss HM, South Wales


Well I eventually got around to looking on the website.

Really glad I did, fascinating stuff.

I cannot thank you enough for the help you have given me coping with post-natal depression, I feel like a big weight has been lifted and I am now back on track and feeling positive.

As you know I have now started to study Reiki healing and I look forward to embarking on a new spiritual lifestyle.

Mrs RD, Swansea


Timothy is a kind and compassionate person. He takes the time to genuinely listen to others. Tim is passionate about his work and has an immense amount of knowledge and skills in several different healing techniques.

Tim is able to break down the different techniques, and tailor them to your individual specific needs.

Tim is gentle in his approach and makes you feel very comfortable. Through my own meetings with Tim, he has in a short amount of time assisted me in finding peace with certain issues in my life.

Even if some things were unsaid by me he had a remarkable ability to accurately identify areas in my life where I required some healing.

In my meetings with Tim I have found some new approaches to tackling obstacles in my life and I found peace through of our conversations together.

Mr LR, Swansea


During our lifetime we meet many people: few have a lasting impact.

Timothy is one of these people, his warmth and love of people makes you instantly feel at ease and his patience and understanding of life’s issues are truly a gift.

During my time of need Timothy was there to support me, giving me the understanding and knowledge that enabled me to deal with the issues affecting my life.

Timothy you are a special selfless person and I wish to thank you for all your help and wish you well on your journey through life.

Julie, South Wales


I spent a while looking around the website before I had the courage to get in touch with Timothy but it has been one of the best decisions I have made.

I had tried speaking to counsellors before and always felt intimidated but being helped by Tim felt far more human.

I have to thank Tim for helping me to be me again and an even better me who understands herself more every day.

Miss KJ, Swansea


My nephew visited Timothy Pope for help with his lack of confidence and self-belief particularly in school but also in his home environment following a parental split many years ago, he is only 10 years of age.

I would like to thank Timothy regarding the way in which he spoke and treated him during the session, helping my nephew feel at ease and comfortable in a one to one situation.

Since the consultation, my nephew now has confidence and self-belief, he is very happy in his school environment, outside activities and his home life.

I would highly recommend to anyone concerned about a young person in their care to book an appointment for them with Timothy Pope.

Many thanks Tim.

Mrs B.C Carmarthenshire West Wales


I have been seeing Timothy Pope, I cannot state all the support and help that I have received from him. I am undergoing treatment for Lung cancer and without Tim’s support I would have found it very difficult to handle.

Tim has made me look at the illness and recognise how with the right mind set I can help my body to heal. There is no magic cure for cancer but when you can talk to someone outside of your family and close friends like Tim who listens and helps you to gain the strength to overcome your fear, it makes a huge difference.

I highly recommend Timothy Pope, he is very trustworthy and sincere in helping you, in all aspects of concerns that you maybe encountering.

Tim I cannot thank you enough for all the support you have given me.

Lorraine, Swansea


I have been personally helped by Timothy Pope on certain emotional and family situations.

I went to him with an open mind.

Well …… wow ….. what a fantastic feeling!

When I left I was so relaxed, no stress and I felt really calm and energised.

Tim is an excellent mentor to me and many of my clients. Having been “around” for many years and meeting many people, I put Tim in the top five of all my coaches and advisors.

Tim is a huge part of my life now, through his guidance and friendship. I recommend Tim’s services to my family, friends, clients and business associates in fact anyone who needs his unique abilities.

All the best Tim in your business. “You deserve the best because you are the best”.

Mr RC, Swansea - Personal Trainer and Life Coach


When I first met Timothy, I was lower than I had ever been in my life. I had hit rock bottom and with the help of Tim I worked my way back up.

I have seen counsellors in the past and a hypnotherapist but the work Tim did with me was completely life changing. I understand so much more about the elements of my life that were affecting me and I now truly feel I am the person I should be.

2 years on I have an 11-week-old son who I absolutely adore and I am happier than I have been for about 26 years!

It was hard at times and working through my problems was tough and often heartbreaking, but Tim was always there to support me and help me work out what was happening.

I want to say a big, big thank you Tim for changing my life.

Helen, Swansea


Tim is a really nice person to talk to, he makes you feel at ease. He doesn’t judge you whatever your circumstances. I was a little bit skeptical regarding the energy work.

It is really relaxing especially considering that you are hardly touched in any way, Tim just stands next to you.

At first you don’t feel as if anything has happened but after a couple of sessions I noticed big changes in myself and my life (good changes).

Mrs CD, Swansea


I approached Timothy Pope because I had stress related issues. After meeting him at his clinic and discussing things on a personal level, Tim noticed issues with my confidence and self-esteem.

I would like to take the time to thank Tim for his help, I felt a weight had been lifted from me after the first session and I hope to have more sessions in the future.

Mr DW, Swansea


An amazing website – Loads of info, loads of explanations relating to so many issues that affect each and every one of us.

The amount of thought into compiling this website is awesome, a brilliant effort.



Thanks Tim for not giving up on me, with your help I have found the confidence to face the issues that have caused me concern. You encouraged me to seek like- minded people to gain understanding of my ability, you were right; it is indeed a gift with endless possibilities – a purpose in life – my gift to others.

Thank you again for your patience. Time is the greatest gift you can give anyone, you have been more than generous, God bless You.

Julie, Swansea


I have been receiving counselling and energy work therapies from Timothy Pope and when I think of how angry and unhappy my life was prior to my first appointment, I realise that through his help I am now a long way towards achieving my life goals and I am much happier and contented as a person.

I always feel positive and energised after his sessions. He works on your energy field to enable you to have the physical and more importantly mental energy to cope with life.

Tim works on the principle that you can choose your own way in life and by thinking about life’s challenges as lessons we can continually improve and grow as people while also enjoying a happier and more rewarding life at the same time.

Tim is respectful and really cares about you he has a gift of explaining things in a way that is easy to understand and personal to your needs. I would highly recommend Timothy Pope to anyone looking to improve their energy levels or life in general.

Mr CB, Swansea


Timothy Pope has helped me to look at life in a much more positive way- he has guided me through tough times and has given me a whole new outlook.

He has helped me to achieve happiness and contentment in my life and I now feel much more positive and bright about my future. Tim is extremely understanding, easy to talk to and patient.

I would recommend him to anyone struggling with any problems.

Miss HM, Swansea


Recently there have been a few things going on in my life that have been playing on my mind rather a lot.

I decided to see if Timothy Pope could help me.

Tim started by sharing with me his philosophies and approach which was quite different. We then did some physical and mental relaxation exercises. There was quite a bit to it that I won’t go into now but I can say that it certainly helped me feel more relaxed and able to look at things in a simpler way.

If anyone is stressed or has things playing on their mind as I did, I would definitely recommend seeing Tim.

Mr KH, Porthcawl


Business group members have probably seen me rushing around, I am here there and everywhere and at times I have felt as though I am on a roller coaster and I can’t seem to stop.

Seeing Timothy has helped me take control and deal with work-life balance a lot better. He has given me a better perspective and mindset on issues that crop up every day and I can’t thank him enough for all his support.

I wouldn’t hesitate on recommending his services to anyone.

Thank you, Tim.

Miss CR, Swansea


Having felt the need to deal more effectively with stress-related issues in my life I booked an initial appointment with Timothy Pope to see what impact and effect his techniques might have in my life.

I was impressed with Tim’s care in listening and sorting through issues and I felt under no pressure to respond, despite a serious degree of skepticism on my part!

The programme appeared to raise and confront unexpected matters and the calmness and tranquility through the session was impressive.

I have felt significantly clearer in my mind as a result and look forward to future appointments.

I recommend his approach to anyone facing challenges in their emotional life however cynical they may be about such therapies.

Mr SW, Aberdare


I cannot believe how much I have benefited from my sessions with Timothy Pope. They have given me a sense of empowerment and self-belief, enabling me to handle all kinds of situations in a positive, non-judgmental manner.

The healing work has taken on a whole new dimension and the more you are open to receiving the loving energy the more you experience a feeling of total contentment and relaxation.

You become aware of the feeling that you are part of a bigger picture.

Thank you, Tim.

Mrs SR, Swansea


Timothy I would like to sincerely thank you for the support you have given me recently while I have been working with you. You have helped me at a time when I have been dealing with numerous stressful situations both personally and professionally.

Your counsel has given me the courage and self-assurance to deal with things head on
when to be honest it would have been easier to walk away.

I am now more focused on my business and personal lives and I am able to compartmentalise things with much more ease than ever before and I am not becoming so stressed as time goes on.

I have a way to go yet but I feel confident that I will get to where I want to be with your support and guidance. Thank you so much.


Mrs EL, Cardiff


I would like to thank Timothy Pope for his guidance and for helping me place certain issues I have on the right path.

After only two sessions of his energy therapy I can see a change in the way I go forward as a person which will benefit my business.

I look forward to my next appointment and I would advise others to see Tim, even for the slightest of issues.

Mr NS, Bridgend


I would just like to express my thanks to Timothy Pope for his services as an energy practitioner and counsellor.

At first, I would probably say I was skeptical of the services he provides but having visited Tim on regular occasions I feel that he certainly helps my busy work schedule by assisting me in just organising myself better.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Tim and the work he does to anyone else and I have already passed his details on to others.

Mr SM, Bridgend


I went to see Timothy Pope for help with letting go and forgiving people in my life who had caused me a lot of pain. From the outset he showed me great care, compassion, understanding and empathy, and he quickly assessed my needs.

Whilst I have previously had counselling I did not expect this session with Tim to contain such wisdom and guidance. The information I received from him enabled me to view my issues and problems in a much more beneficial and positive way.

The energy work which followed the consultation was awesome, as I physically and mentally felt better immediately. Whilst I was receiving the energy, I experienced great peace and relaxation, and was aware of the movement of the energy through my body, in a gentle wave form.

I saw beautiful, vibrant colours, the meaning of which Tim explained to me, in his very reassuring way. He used several different techniques to deliver the energy targeting specific issues and straight away I felt benefit as a result.

By the end of the session I sensed a new lightness and positivity in my being and I did not hesitate to re-book for a follow-up appointment. I continued to feel almost elated for several days after my session with Tim and I realised this was definitely a turning point in my life.

I have since recommended Tim to family and friends who have all received similar benefits. He is a very special and gifted person who is non-judgmental and genuine on all levels.

I am glad of the opportunity to provide this testimonial as a way of giving my heartfelt thanks for the help I have received from Timothy Pope.

Mrs JM, Swansea


After having an excellent one to one with Timothy, he kindly invited me to a complimentary session at his clinic.

I found the session with Tim to be massively motivational and left it feeling invigorated and motivated to leave and take action on a number of fronts.

Consequently, I have booked further sessions with Tim to continue achieving great results through his skills. Results were achieved after just one session!

I would recommend everyone to try a session with Tim and would have no hesitations in recommending Tim to family and friends with complete confidence.

Mr DM, Swansea


Timothy Pope can help you transform your life by helping you to overcome old thought patterns which in turn attract the same old situations.

He is a phenomenal energy worker and you will always feel in a safe space when working with him to achieve your aims. If you are serious about transforming your life, being more fulfilled and happier make an appointment with Tim.

We are so blessed to have such a wonderful healer in Swansea. Tim has helped me, my family, my friends and patients and everyone has been amazed with his healing abilities, which are simple, and non-traumatic.

If you want to get rid of painful old heartaches and baggage, this is an effective way of doing it.

Mrs LB, Swansea (Women's Health Consultant)


I visited Timothy Pope for help due to a recent long-term relationship break-up. Tim was very calm and listened attentively as I explained the situation. He also picked up on my dad’s passing 12 years ago and knew that this was something that I had not dealt with very well.

Tim worked on me energetically to get rid of negativity that had built up over the years and concentrated on improving my left-brain story, so as to bring the happy outgoing confident me back.

Tim explained that the decision I made to end the relationship was the best one for me so that I could be happy and move on with my life.

I actually feel a sense of moving forward and I would definitely recommend Tim to anyone who requires help with personal issues.

Thank you, Tim.

Miss RM, Swansea


Timothy Pope was introduced to me at a time in my life when I knew in my heart big changes had to occur but through my fears I didn’t have the confidence or voice to make those changes happen.

I knew that my relationship of 12 years had broken down irretrievably, I felt betrayed, lost, and unable to function.

I was recommended by a close friend to visit Tim and went to my first appointment with every barrier possible and the attitude of “I won’t be sharing any personal details…. especially with a stranger”.

I was totally skeptical, how could an outsider understand more than friends or family?

How wrong I was, from our first meeting I was at ease in Tim’s company, within minutes it was if he already understood. I knew that I had met someone truly special who could help me.

If you ask me to describe the energy work …. I can’t …. each time is unique and you are left with what I can only describe as a lightness but that really does not do it justice.

If you are reading this and are yourself at a cross roads in your life, my biggest piece of advice would be go to meet Tim….  open your mind and heart and reap the rewards that come from it.

Miss SJ, Swansea


Following a recommendation from a close friend, I initially went to see Timothy Pope for healing as I was suffering with anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia and all of these were affecting every part of my life.

I had no idea what to expect but found Tim to be warm, wise, non-judgmental and with his gentle guidance the sessions soon revealed to me the many experiences and negative thought patterns that I had been harbouring and had manifested throughout my life.

After only a few sessions I started to feel completely different. I became calmer, more contented and positive, feeling more at ease within myself. This has had a huge effect on my health, well-being and personal life and the best thing for me is that even my husband, family and friends have noticed the positive changes in me.

Through my own healing experience, I found an ability with Reiki to help others myself, so after receiving Tim’s help the service he provided for me is spreading its goodness outwards and many others are also benefitting indirectly from his work.

I can’t thank or recommend Tim highly enough, this has been a life changing experience for me and at last I know what it means to love an accept myself.

Mrs JR, Ammanford


In a recent business meeting I heard about Timothy Pope who is a Counsellor and Energetics Practitioner who could facilitate transformational change at many levels.

I decided to book a couple of sessions with Tim as I was feeling much less organised than I used to be. I booked my appointment for last Wednesday, now Tim will tell you that everything happens for a reason and unbeknown to me I was about to experience a life-threatening car accident.

On the Monday afternoon a 32-ton lorry hit the rear quarter of my car, spun it around so that before I knew it I was looking out of my driver’s side window at the bottom of the radiator of a very large truck which lifted my car and proceeded to push it sideways down the road.

Needless to say, I was quite shaken up, mind and body and the car was written off! Consequently, my session with Tim was not about my disorganisation but more about my lack of sleep, flash-backs, and general feeling of how was I going to cope with what was a very busy and important week’s work ahead of me.

Tim immediately picked up on my somewhat fragile condition and set to work repairing this wreck that he saw in front of him. I won’t go into the two-hour session details but suffice to say I left Tim’s clinic feeling like a new man, energised and focused on future events having jettisoned my negativity and troubled thoughts of the accident.

That night I slept well and certainly awoke albeit at 5.30am to be at my business meeting, refreshed and raring to go! Disorganisation has paled into insignificance at the moment but I have made another appointment with Tim to start sorting this out in the very near future.

I cannot praise Tim highly enough and wholeheartedly recommend him to you all or anyone who you may know who is experiencing a little negativity within their lives. Thank you Tim, we are very fortunate to have such a talented practitioner amongst us.

Mr CW, Bridgend


Two months ago, I was on the brink of resigning from a business networking group that I attend every week.

Whilst used to public speaking, I found having to stand and talk about myself extremely difficult.

Each week I became affected by worrying about what I would say and even worse was the immediate aftermath when I would be almost unable to breathe for some time after I had spoken.

I asked Timothy Pope if he could help me. He said he could and I visited him at his premises in Walter Road Swansea.

I cannot explain what Timothy does or how he does it, all I can say is that things improved after one session. After a second session I realised that I had stopped planning my spiel and was much more relaxed. Three sessions and I have stopped thinking about my morning speech completely.

For those people with any kind of stress, worry, anxiety or lethargy no matter how silly it seems, I would highly recommend visiting Timothy Pope, he will help you!

To top it all he is the best of men and I am very grateful to him.

Mrs CG, Pontypridd


I was 46 and woke every day feeling so depressed, down, emotional, I hated waking up. I considered going to my GP but I didn’t want to go on medication.

A lady recommended I see Timothy Pope and to be honest I knew nothing about him but I didn’t care, she said “he saved my life”, so I went with that in mind. It was the best decision I have ever made, we talked he listened, he was so easy to talk to things just spilt out of me.

One hour on he mentioned working on me energetically, to get rid of negative energy that had built up over years of bottling things up. I still can’t explain what happened but I walked out of that room a different person, I am much calmer, I don’t cry so much, I am not so down and I am able to see things more clearly.

I visited Tim a few more times, and then he said “I’m here whenever you need to see me”. Two years on I am going through a very bad patch with my son and can’t cope, it was my husband who told me to go and see Tim again and yes, he has helped me yet again through this really difficult time.

I don’t know if I could have done it without him, he has been amazing yet again.
I can’t recommend Tim enough if you are feeling unsure about anything and feel there is no way out go to see him, you will soon see the light at the end of the tunnel and he just points you in the right direction. I feel I can cope with anything now but knowing Tim is there is an added bonus.

Mrs LW, Swansea


I can’t explain what Tim does; I don’t understand what Tim does. All I can tell you is how I feel after a session with him; how he has changed the way I look at things and changed how I react to things that happen in my life.

As like many, I’ve come through a tough divorce with a little bit of added extra thrown in to really rock the boat! I was in a place I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be and I wondered if I’d ever see my way out.

But then I met Tim……  Apart from the counselling side of Tim’s work, which I may add is nothing to be brushed over, there is the energy work. I come away from seeing Tim feeling balanced, like I’m rooted or grounded. Then on the other hand I’m walking on air, looking for the positive in every situation and knowing that whatever is thrown at me, I some-how have the tools to cope with it.

Tim has changed the way I think and react. I’m not going to lie, when something unexpected happens, I get that initial sinking of heart but it lasts a fraction of a second (compared to days, weeks and months). Through his energy work, Tim has thought me to cope and deal with things so much better.

I’m a firm believer in you receive what you give out. With Tim’s help I now truly am a very happy, upbeat positive person and I’ve noticed these are the type of people I now attract and life is very enjoyable.

Tim has seen me through the darkest time and brought me through to the other side. I will always be indebted to this very special wonderful man. I’m the luckiest person alive to have been pointed in his direction.

Mrs CT, Burry Port


I was referred to Timothy Pope by a friend, several people I know had benefitted from seeing him and as I was experiencing anxiety with panic attacks and I didn’t know how to over-come those issues I needed his help. I have had Reiki therapy previously but never Matrix Energetics. I was amazed to find the powerful and relaxing feeling of release I had as I experienced Matrix Energetics, it was as if someone has removed my “lead weight” off my chest in an instant.

I’ve also had what the doctors had diagnosed as “severe depression” and I had been to a counsellor previously but I had felt it made me feel worse. I am a sensitive and empathic spiritual person in touch with my higher self and universal energies and I have many different beliefs which I felt a usual mainstream counsellor would not accept or understand.

As Tim is very enlightened and has already been on his own spiritual path for many years I felt totally at ease discussing anything with him. That in itself was a relief, to be able to talk to someone about spiritual experiences without judgement or disbelief was wonderful. His ability to explain my experiences brought understanding, realisation and validity to my experiences for me and gave me peace of mind.

Tim is also a fantastic listener, who has dedicated time and energy into my well-being by paying attention to not only what I say but how I feel and what my beliefs are. Tim allows me to be myself, my own person and I feel comfortable to share anything with him that’s bothering me before my energy session.

I feel the balance of venting what I have internalised followed by the energy work therapy allows me to fully expel the pent-up tension and anxiety that builds within. It is amazing how what has been discussed can be let go of or changed from a negative to a positive perspective almost immediately with the energy work that follows the counselling.

I have been seeing Tim for a while as I saw this as a crossroads in my life when I was being given an opportunity to heal my past and create the life I wanted for myself. In the beginning when I needed additional support Tim made himself available outside his working hours free of charge and that really helped me, you would not receive that level of care and dedication elsewhere.

Since receiving Tim’s help my life has evolved from a depressing reactive environment littered with palpitations, panic attacks and night sweats brought on by stress, to a proactive lifestyle where I am now extremely happy and have my own business.

I have learned and continue to learn how to deal with stressful situations in a more relaxed manor and my life and health as a whole are on the most positive platform they have ever been on! It gives me great pleasure to give this testimonial to Tim as a thank you and to show anyone who is looking for someone to help them with their problems that Timothy Pope is that someone, go for it! You will find it will be the best decision you will ever make.

Miss LC, Swansea


At 27 years of age I had no life. I’d been diagnosed as being hyper-sensitive to every colour in the light spectrum, due to neurological damage from meningoencephalitis and I had no regular sleeping pattern.

This meant that I couldn’t be in any sort of light – natural or otherwise – and I was awake/asleep at non-regular times – which meant that I had to drop out of my university course, as I simply couldn’t function. I was in constant neurological pain and I couldn’t read, drive, do my artwork or do any sort of work and it was a very lonely, dark and sad place to be.

Over the past four years, I’ve seen every type of brain and eye doctor there is – none of whom could help me, the damage seemed permanent – and I felt like I was going to have to live this non-life for the rest of my life; I felt like a ghost, living on the periphery of life.

What’s happened through working with Tim feels like a miracle and yet I’ve come to understand with Tim’s gentle guidance, that all physical illnesses have a mental, emotional or spiritual cause and that understanding the cause is part of the healing process.

Tim helped me within just two sessions to heal the condition mentioned and now I have my life back. I can enjoy the sunlight again and I can sleep when everyone else is asleep. I can go back to university and create my future and pick up where I left off.

I would advise anyone who has a problem however difficult, impossible or unlikely it may seem to overcome, to consider receiving Tim’s help. It was the best decision I have ever made. To say I’m thankful is an understatement; I will never forget what Tim has done for me – he is a loving, gentle and quiet miracle worker, he has given me the gift of my life.

Miss HP, Swansea


Tim was recommended to me by a friend but as I lived quite a distance away it was suggested I have my session over Skype.

At first, I was skeptical as to how it would benefit me having the therapy this way but within a few minutes it was clear that it didn’t matter at all that I wasn’t with him in person, Tim has the amazing ability to work his therapy in any given situation.

I feel like I have come a long way since the first session, I was feeling completely overwhelmed by the breakdown of my marriage and Tim helped me to see things in a new positive and exciting way, completely turning my thoughts of fear and upset on their head.

In my first couple of sessions I had only felt a few sensations whilst Tim did the energy work with me, nothing too noticeable. Tim did say that this was more about my being closed down because of all the upset and that I could expect changes to occur after the first session whether I felt the energy improvements taking place or not.

Change did occur dramatically the following day which set me on my new and exciting path.

The following month in my third session I was really affected by a bright white light that came as I had my eyes closed, a true feeling of serenity washed over me and it was quite astonishing, I had been able to open up to the positive energies!

I have a little way to go yet but I can’t begin to express the gratitude I have for Tim, without his therapy sessions I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to gain confidence and see how wonderful the world can be in such a short time!

I tell everyone I know about the great work he does and it has influenced many people Tim hasn’t even met! I feel lucky to have been introduced to him and will be forever grateful!

Mrs NB, London


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Timothy Pope.

I went to see Tim more out of curiosity than anything else and this has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made for my career. Before I attended I did not feel I had any issues; however, Tim listened to me attentively and through gentle conversation highlighted some barriers I had built over time.

Tim has a unique gift and insight. I worked with Tim using several different tools and methods which gently opened my eyes to new possibilities both in my business and my personal life. Since working with Tim I have improved my core deep down confidence and taken my outlook on life to a different level.

I am already seeing the benefits in the workplace and in my family life. I would recommend anyone who would like to improve their business, confidence or relationships to book an appointment with Tim.

We are all fortunate to have Tim in our business group, he is at the forefront of his field in this country, I suggest we all take advantage of this opportunity; you owe it to your business, your family and most of all to yourself.

Mr SR, Neath


I came to a crossroads in my personal life, my marriage was at breaking point and I was disillusioned, sad and emotionally broken. A friend of mine had been for counselling and energy work with Timothy Pope so he came on good recommendation.

As my marriage had reached stalemate, I suggested to my husband he contact Tim for an appointment – this was the turning point for us both. Even though my husband only had two sessions with Tim, from my first appointment with him, I realised that this was the re-birth of the ‘Me’ that had been lost in the drama of my life for so, so, long.

Moving on I am now a Reiki Practitioner training for my Reiki Master this summer, my marriage is happy and fulfilling for both my husband and I, we have just renewed our wedding vows.

I have turned my life around with the guidance and help of Tim’s professionalism and natural healing abilities, his wisdom, kindness and human approach to his clients is refreshing and gives hope in this modern world which is mad, fast and crazy at times.

Obviously there have been challenges, personal loss, illness, happy and sad times during this change for me but I can honestly say ‘hand on heart’ that I have found the love in my heart that I lost so many years ago after shutting off to life with its twists and turns.

In my first session with Tim – I experienced white waves of healing light and felt I was floating on clouds. I have practiced yoga for 15 years and I use meditation for relaxation but I had never experienced such peace and tranquility.

During following sessions, I have felt energy moving through my body in waves – at times this has been emotional but so cleansing and I have gained emotional balance through this process which has taken my spirituality to another level.

I have often experienced colours and other sensations during energy work sessions and each time I have gained in spiritual awareness. Working with universal energies Tim has also raised my awareness of the boundless capabilities that can be achieved on a personal psychic level.

I leave a session as if I’m walking on air after clearing negative thought patterns and letting my negativity be dissolved. A session with Tim is like a week on the sunniest beach in the warmest climate on the prettiest island in the world. It often feels like heaven on earth to me –

Tim’s fresh approach to life and people blows traditional counselling methods out of the water, added with the Matrix Energy work its results are phenomenal. On a personal level for me and life in general, a transformation has taken place and I look forward to the future with a fresh pair of eyes and an open loving heart –

As you can see I welcome this opportunity to say thank you to Tim for the help he has given me and my family. I have recommended him to family and friends and all have benefitted from his unique abilities.


Mrs HA, Port Talbot


As an extremely busy businessman with little or no time to stop and think, I cannot thank you enough Timothy for your help. It is, simply put, like stepping into a place of ultimate relaxation while at the same time providing me with a much wider knowledge of understanding about myself as a person.

Thank you for being excellent at what you do and I would not hesitate recommending you to anyone that needs your helping hand.

Kind Regards

Mr TCP, Swansea


I had already heard good things about Timothy Pope before I ever met him and since being a member of our business group I continued to hear great things about Tim and the services he provides.

After 18 months I finally agreed to make an appointment and see what Tim actually delivered in his sessions.

Having attended the session, I can only say I wish I had booked 18 months earlier.

I have no hesitation in recommending that anyone who has not yet been to one of Tim’s sessions to make an immediate appointment.

You don’t need to have a problem to see Tim and I guarantee Tim will make you feel better in mind, body and soul as well as more profitable in your business.

No, I am not religious or a tree hugger but after one session with Tim each day has already been that much better and richer for me.

Thank you, Tim.

Mr SB, Swansea


With lots going on over a period of time, with my business, in my personal life and health wise, I decided to go to see Timothy Pope after a recommendation.

Being the sceptic that I am holding me back, with hindsight I should have gone to see him a lot sooner.

As the months passed I eventually decided to see what it was all about, was it all just whale music and meditation? I must say that after just the first session I felt more relaxed and I started to look at things with a different perspective.

Tim is a true professional, I have booked further sessions with him and if you haven’t been to see Tim yet I would strongly recommend that you do. I have no hesitation in recommending his services.

Thank you, Tim.

Mr RW, Swansea


I wanted to thank Timothy Pope for the counselling and energy work that I have recently had with him.

After finding myself in a continuing cycle of anxiety and depression and not understanding why, he has shown me how it was brought on by my childhood experiences.

He has brought me to a place where I no longer have anxiety or depression and I don’t continue to use old learned habits and patterns of behaviour which I now know we’re coping mechanisms I used as a child, to deal with negative issues that inevitably happen in life.

Tim has taught me how to use mindfulness to live in the now moment and I am no longer afraid of the future or do I look back at the past with fear.

I would say I now have a positive mindset instead of living in a negative world. I feel able to handle differently any hurdles in my life which may come my way.

I think together we have both made me a different person as I have discovered the real me and I cannot thank you enough Tim for your help.

If you wish to show this to anyone I am happy for you to do so as I would like to think it would encourage others to seek your help and experience the changes within and outside themselves as I have.

Thank you again

Mrs CP, Swansea


I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Timothy Pope for the energy work that he has provided for me and is continuing to do so.

I haven’t had the easiest of times in my past. I lost my mum very suddenly through a family tragedy and had a very uncomfortable relationship with my dad. I then had to deal with a lot of turmoil in my marriage which resulted in a divorce and the children and myself losing everything for a short space of time.

These events left my confidence at rock bottom and despite having done a lot of work on myself I still had energy blocks in my system that I knew were being reflected within my work and my private life.

Tim you are providing me with a lot of emotional and physical relief and your work is always conducted in a timely and professional manner. I look forward to our sessions which are truly healing the whole of my energy system and also providing me with insight into the next stage of my life’s journey.

I would encourage anyone struggling with any chronic emotional or physical issues to utilise your services. Thank you.

Miss SY, Swansea


At some point in our lives we find ourselves faced with problems that you can’t find the solution too. I found it very easy to talk to Timothy Pope and open up about what I was going through.

Tim worked with me to get me to a place that I felt comfortable with and allowed me to face problems that I had been trying to avoid for many years but deep down knew they were having an impact on my future life.

Thank you Tim, for making me feel completely at ease and helping me to move forward with my life.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you and your fantastic services to others that I am aware of who are facing difficult times.

Mrs RD, Bridgend


I have suffered with panic attacks for the last 5 years. My anxiety is associated with driving on the motorway and as I have a job that had me driving up and down the M4 corridor, at my worst I was suffering up to 10 panic attacks a day.

So, I haven’t driven on the motorway for a very long time. This has caused me lots of stress and problems over the years and I even had to give up a job because of it.

I have spent a lot of money trying all sorts of therapies to overcome this problem but nothing this far had worked, until I met Timothy Pope.

After coming to Tim’s business group a few weeks ago and hearing how well- respected Tim was in his field of work I knew I had to give him a go. After just one session I said to him “So you are telling me I can just go and drive home on the motorway now?” and he said yes and I did.

Since then I have driven on the motorway 5 or 6 times which is more than I have done in years. I have already had a follow up appointment with Tim and I am now booking with him once a month for help on other matters.

I feel like I am forever grateful to Tim and I will not hesitate to recommend him to family and friends and in fact I actually already have.

Thanks Tim, I’m cured!!

Miss EN, Bridgend


I would like to take this opportunity to share with people the experience I have had with Timothy Pope.

When Tim first joined my business group it took me a good while to understand what exactly it is that he does and if I am truly honest I am still not quite sure.

What I can say is that I keep going back, Tim is very personable and is very understanding of my situation and cares about my wellbeing, business and life in general.

I always feel positive leaving a session with him and get to rid my body and mind of unwanted or negative thoughts and energy. He has helped me to understand what is and isn’t important and to help manage my extremely busy lifestyle in a calmer more positive manner.

If you know anyone who is going through a tough time or just like me wanted to experience what it is all about then please give them Tim’s number, they won’t be disappointed.

Many thanks Tim.

Mr GM, Neath


As an extremely busy human being with an ever active, often over active mind, I struggle to switch off and relax.

Timothy Pope addressed this issue and underlying aspects to not only guide me to better calm my mind but also to be more productive and remain ever positive.

Thank you very much Tim.

Kind Regards

Mrs TP, Swansea


I have had the honour of seeing Timothy Pope on several occasions when I was going through a family bereavement and some dark times in my life.

Tim was humble, generous and very professional in all aspects. Every session was highly confidential and his approach was on a very holistic level.

To say that I felt better is an understatement. What Tim does is remarkable and is carried out with dignity and in a totally ethical manner.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Tim as he is a master in his field.

Many Thanks Tim.

Mr SC, Swansea


Hi Timothy,

I have no idea what has happened to me! I feel like a new person; I feel so much lighter??? Less “wound up”, worried less…the list goes on.

I would never have said that I was outwardly angry but as the days have gone by I can see that “anger” was around my neck weighing me down and I just didn’t see it.

In terms of my relationships with my son and partner, well if the last few days are anything to go by…they are cooperative, caring, they speak to me without me having to initiate a conversation and even offered to go for coffee with me without even asking them!!!

I swear we’ve all had personality transplants!!!!!

I am so looking forward to the next session, I’ll be honest, I was skeptical but I am now 100% convinced in your energy therapy.
Thank you so much, I feel so much better already.

Also, the most powerful thing you said to me and I’m just reliving it over and over, are the words “they chose you”. Those words mean so much to me and have brought me so much comfort and reassurance. Simple words but so very powerful.

Thanks again,

Miss MH, Swansea


I would like to take this opportunity to say a massive “Thank You” to Timothy Pope for the profound effect his distant/remote healing has had on me.

I was suffering with fatigue, feelings of sadness and finding life very difficult as my husband has just finished cancer treatment. My sister suggested Tim and Matrix Energetics Energy Healing after having had some amazing results with him herself.

Tim phoned me the day before the treatment day to put my concerns to rest on what part I needed to play in the healing and how it would work.

On the day in question I went up at the allocated time to rest on my bed. Within minutes of me laying down I felt a tingling in my feet which spread throughout my body in waves and then all sorts of strange but soothing feelings…my hands and feet being pulled and feeling heavy, my tummy’s bloatedness dissolving, fluttering in my chest and then cold feeling to my temples. I drifted off to sleep and around 50 minutes later I felt refreshed and exuberant.

The following day I felt as if heavy sandbags had been lifted off my shoulders and back and I was now full of energy.

Two weeks later I am still full of energy and am now excited about the future. I feel like I can take on the world now and all my negativity has disappeared. My sense of humour has returned and I am now motivated to change my life.

Even my work colleagues and friends have commented on my energy and how alert and radiant I now look.

I would recommend Tim to anyone and cannot wait until our next session.

Mrs NL, South Yorkshire


Last year I was involved in a car accident whilst 7 months pregnant with my second daughter. Alas the other party died at the scene.

Whilst waiting for an appointment with my GP for counselling a friend recommended I make an appointment with Tim.

I knew nothing about the therapy Tim offered and to be honest I had never heard of some of the methods he used.

I went to the appointment with a completely open mind. The court case had been set for 11-months’ time and I had no idea how I was going to get through the final months of my pregnancy and give birth, let alone a four-day trial in Crown Court.

I can’t say the last year has been easy but my sessions with Tim allowed me to not only get through each day but Tim’s approach actually completely changed my way of thinking.

Not only did I get through the court case, I also achieved a positive outcome for both myself and the other family involved. I put complete faith in that what was happening was for the greater good.

Tim has completely changed the way I think and react about every-day things in life. The coaching he has provided has not only seen me through a particularly traumatic year of my life but he has given me the strength and knowledge to ensure that I can overcome any other obstacles that I may face in the future.

His sessions have been invaluable and I know I will use what he has taught me for the rest of life

Thank you Tim, from the bottom of my heart

Mrs LT, Cardiff


I approached Tim, on a friend’s recommendation, to ask for help. I was, at that time, feeling completely “lost”.  I had recently given up work after being in the field of Social Care for 25 years, having felt burnt out and unable to support anyone else as I was struggling to cope with my own daily life.

I was very low in my mood and tearful and was failing to have any feelings of joy or enjoyment. I had felt like this for many years and had developed a great mask to hide how I really felt inside. I felt an enormous amount of guilt as I have a lovely husband and 2 lovely children and couldn’t t understand why I felt so flat.

I had a troubled time as a teenager and extremely negative relationships in adult life, until I met my husband but had in my mind always seemed to cope. So, why was I now I feeling so bad when I thought I should be happy? Through seeing Tim, he has helped me to understand why I was feeling like that and more importantly has helped me to feel good, to have enjoyment and to even feel joy. I never thought I could feel like this. I have looked at my life with Tim’s help to see it in a completely different way than I have ever done before.

Tim has changed, through his own amazing energy and knowledge, my energy and how I approach my life. Tim has helped me to understand and leave behind my baggage (some of which I had not even acknowledged before), so that I am not weighed down by it and can move forward and be excited about my future.

I am calmer and am able to cope with situations which I know I would have struggled with before. I feel I am becoming more confident in being who I really am and not who I think people want me to be. I have to say, I was completely ignorant about this kind of approach to healing and even a little cynical before I went to see Tim. I don’t understand it all now but I do understand that what Tim says and does is powerful and refreshing and, in my experience, life changing.

Seeing Tim, has not only helped with what I thought I was going to see him about, it has helped me reflect and understand my life experience so far and will help me experience my future life in a more peaceful and positive way. I would definitely recommend seeing Tim to anyone who is struggling or who wants to understand their life’s journey. It’s an uplifting and life changing experience, thanks to Tim’s gentle and knowledgeable approach.

Mrs EC, Swansea


Not long after I joined my business group I started to speak to Timothy Pope and got to know him and understand what he did.

Since my mother passed away 16 months ago from Cancer i have struggled to show affection towards my wife and four daughters.

Inside I knew that I was not showing my feelings but I could not change because the anger I was holding inside of me due to my mother’s death prevented me from doing so.

After just one session with the wizard I was feeling much better and the connection with my family is getting better and stronger every day since I saw Tim.

Also, my 9-year-old daughter had been fainting in school for over a year and we have been back and forth hospitals for months.

The hospitals kept telling us that they can’t find anything wrong with her physically, later we found out from Tim that she was having panic attacks, this was brought on by her Nana’s passing (my mother).

My daughter has been to see Tim three times and has learnt to control these attacks. She is back to her old self now, a happy, smiling 9-year-old thanks to Tim.

I would highly recommend Tim to any of my family or friends, big thanks Tim from me and my family.

Mr DJ, Swansea


Over the last six to eight weeks I have suffered with extreme work-related stress and anxiety that in turn forced me into sick leave for the very first time in my professional life.

I was introduced to Timothy Pope socially and after talking to him I researched him on line and together with information from his websites I decided to contact him for help.

Tim had suggested remote healing to me and although at first, I was slightly skeptical I decided to take his advice and this is the reason I have decided to share my own experience which may touch others who may find themselves in the same situation.

I am amazed with how better I feel after the session and I genuinely believe that this is due to the healing energies I received.

I am now sleeping much better and some nights all the way through and learning to take each day as it comes and the anxiety has also slowed down a lot which in turn has helped me to commence work in a much better frame of mind.

Thank you, Tim.

Mrs LA, Swansea