What We Treat

Timothy is able to provide counselling, support and energy work for a wide range of problems and their resulting symptoms. Whilst his counselling rooms are based in Swansea, he also works with clients from elsewhere in the world remotely.

If you are experiencing any of these situations or symptoms – or know someone that is – contact Timothy as soon as possible for a free initial chat.

Typical situations Timothy can help with are:

  • Covid19:  Anxiety & Stress related symptoms 
    Grief, Loss, Pet bereavement, Covid19
  • Depression:  Postnatal, SAD, Feeling Low, Self-Harming, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, (ME), Bi-Polar Disorder, Covid19
  • Anxiety: Panic Attacks, Stress, Phobias, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Childhood Issues and Fears, Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Covid19
  • Addiction: Alcoholic, Drug, Gambling, Internet
  • Life Changing Situations: Job Loss, illness, Covid19
  • Trauma: Accidents, Diagnosis of Illness, Bad News, Witnessing an unpleasant experience and Flashbacks, Anger, Abuse (Sexual, Emotional, Domestic), Covid19
  • Business problems: (see below) Bullying and Harassment, Work Related Stress, Covid19 etc.
  • Relationship Problems / Couples Counselling: Sexual Issues, Affairs, Betrayals, Separation, Divorce, Incompatibility, Financial Difficulties, Pre-Nuptial arguments, Covid19
  • Family Counselling, Young People’s Counselling:  Arguments and stress at home, parent’s issues with children, children’s issues with Parents or problems in school, college or university, Covid19
  • Fertility Problems: Infertility, Unable to Conceive
  • Eating Disorders: Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder, Weight Issues,
  • Misc, Sleep Changes, Low Self-Esteem and Confidence Issues, Low Libido – Loss of Desire, Morning Sickness and more…

Many other problems and issues can be helped so if your problem is not listed above please contact Timothy for an informal chat to see if he can help you.


Personal Benefit

Timothy can transform the lives of his clients rapidly and bring new opportunities and experiences to them effortlessly. His way of working is ideal for getting clients out of a rut and bringing in positive change.

Using his counselling skills acquired over many years administering thousands of therapy sessions as well as his natural healing and intuitive abilities along with his vast knowledge and understanding of the energy dynamics in our world, Timothy can be a gentle yet powerful catalyst for positive change in people’s lives.

If one of the benefits you are looking for is one of mindfulness, being in the “NOW” moment, then Timothy can help you experience the “NOW” moment through his energy work. Once experienced it is easier for a person to stay in the “NOW” of their own accord. Rather than something you have to learn and practice you can experience the “NOW” moment with him and that allows for better understanding of it and one’s own ability to stay in the “NOW”.

Business benefit

This therapy is also particularly helpful to business owners, managers or employees who find their businesses struggling, possibly through their personal issues having a negative impact on their business or on their employment.

Timothy can work with business owners, managers or employees to bring positive change into their personal and professional lives. Most business owners see a huge improvement in attracting more contracts, higher income levels, new opportunities, a happier workforce, feeling happier on a personal level and so on.

What is very important in business and the working environment is a positive mind set and if anything negative in a person’s personal history is still vibrating within their energy field (see vibrational information in articles) whether they are consciously aware of it or not, it can cause problems which will affect the success of their business and the happiness and efficiency of their working environment.

See help for business people

Not you? – Symptoms to look out for in others

You may feel that a friend or relative is in need of Timothy’s services. Here are some of the signs and symptoms to look for:

  • Stress, shock, being emotional, disorganised, in denial, depressed, anxious, angry, aggressive, feeling low, having difficulty sleeping, loss of interest in life, appetite or sex.
  • Taking anti-depressants or other drugs such as excessive pain killers, recreational drugs or having excessive alcohol intake. Seasonal affective disorder, irritability, poor concentration, an inability to relax or unwind.
  • Self-destructive behaviour, negative attitude, self-harming, poor coping mechanisms, tiredness, cravings for food, nail biting, twitches, excessive sweating, fear of the future, stuck in the past, not liking themselves, low confidence or self-esteem, inability to show their true feelings.
  • Unable to be successful, poor cash flow, repetitive problems or issues in relationships, work or life, that will not go away or improve.
  • Physical illness or disease, pain or discomfort, headaches, joint pains, constipation, diarrhoea, IBS, muscle cramps or spasms, indigestion, heartburn, high blood pressure and so on…..