Heart Donations

“Timothy Pope Counselling Services” and “Healing from the Heart Training” would like to provide a place where people can receive first class complementary therapies from practitioners that are able to provide the most up to date healing techniques available today.

A place where the calm, peace, tranquillity and unconditional love is tangible as you enter the building. A Sanctuary, where a person can leave their problems whatever they may be, outside and emerge an hour or so later healthier, happier and looking forward to a better life experience than the one they were previously experiencing.

Such a building and its facilities will cost money, the right therapists are already available, we need funds to create the Sanctuary, to provide our services in the correct environment for those seeking help.

There are a number of cutting edge technologies available now around the world which could be brought to this area and incorporated into a healing centre to assist the therapies that would be on offer.

It would be wonderful to have a place where you can go to receive natural non-intrusive therapies, complementary to whatever other treatment one is receiving through the National Health Service.

A donation however small will assist in raising funds to bring this possibility about. Funds raised will go towards obtaining and equipping premises for the purpose of helping clients who wish to receive the best complementary therapies available.

Anyone who has ever benefitted from complementary or alternative therapies will appreciate the need for such a place. Anyone currently experiencing ill health will appreciate the need to be able to access natural healing therapies to complement treatment they are already receiving through main stream services.

If anyone reading this has a property that they could donate / make available for such a project or if they are in the financial position to be able to provide the funding for it, then either forms of help would be a fantastic offer of service to our community and greatly appreciated.

Any enquiries can be directed to: [email protected]

Thank you for your help in manifesting this project and making the Sanctuary a reality.


If you are ready to make a donation today, please transfer the funds directly into my business account (bank details available upon request) or by use the Make A Payment page to make a card payment.