What is a Twin Flame relationship?

What is a Twin Flame Relationship?

In a Twin Flame relationship, it’s believed that when we were created, our soul was split into two identical parts with identical soul blueprints—one that went to you and one that was given to your “mirror.”

Everyone has a Twin Flame but just not everyone is incarnated on earth with their Twin Flame simultaneously. It all depends on their soul contract. However, there are many united Twin Flames on Earth at this special time during earth’s ascension journey.

A Twin Flame relationship may not be a typical man woman relationship, it can also be with someone of the same sex, there may be differences in age, they may come from different religious backgrounds for example or even already be in a relationship. What matters is the energetic soul connection taking place. Whatever the circumstances, there is a reason for each person’s situation, it is part of their divine soul contract to clear specific issues.

Twin Flames serve as a mirror for each other to understand more about themselves and what it means to be human. Learning to forgive each other for running from the relationship, as many partners do when they first meet.

The true purpose of a Twin Flame reunion is to help mould both of them into Beings who are capable of embodying divine, unconditional love… first for them and then for humanity. To be in a Twin Flame relationship is thought to be one of the hardest things that can ever happen to someone. The Journey through a Twin Flame relationship can be a Journey into the deepest and darkest of places within.

Comparing this relationship to a soulmate relationship, it’s important to note that soul mate’s are made from the same kind of energy as you but they have never existed in fusion together with you. So, although soul mate connections are highly significant, an encounter with a Twin Flame who is in fusion with you is on another level entirely.

Meeting a soulmate is nothing like meeting a Twin Flame.
Meeting a soul mate, brings the ability to mutually confide, immediately connect, feel self worth, happiness, love and trust for one another in the knowledge that they are always there for each other. Meeting a soul mate is like meeting an old friend and there is a loving connection. This can be a bit unnerving, to perhaps have strong feelings for someone whom you have only just met.

The Twin flame ascension is the process that leads to a higher level of consciousness,
it is the purification process of Twin Flames. So, the purpose of the Twin Flame union is to square off the imbalance of spiritual energy, to create mutual harmony and consequently, achieve eternal bliss.
On encountering each other, time may stop, heart beats can increase and one may have a feeling of being pulled into a void, possibly like an out of body experience may be felt as the Twin Flames meet each other, feeling like as if nothing or no-one else exists.

There can be an instant recognition, incredible attraction and also deep fear and suspicion as a fight or flight reaction kicks in to your whole body.

The Twin Flame union is not about romance, it is about spiritual growth and service, although in some cases the Twin Flames can be in a romantic relationship as part of their earthly contract, at this level of understanding, interest in a human like relationship is not important, where-as serving together for the benefit of all, is. Once the Twin Flames obliterate the runner-chaser paradigm, they are able to fill their lives with endless light and love.

As if guided by the higher power, the Twin Flame couple have a huge task ahead of them. They both need to be fully present and ready to undertake spiritual work in this incarnation that will affect not only their own lives but possibly the lives of millions of people on earth.

For their true work to begin though, they have to first face the deepest and darkest parts of their own selves by reflecting back and forth between themselves through the absolute mirror of their soul. They see each other naked and this can trigger huge shifts in consciousness for each of them, healing each other of whatever is holding them back. It can be a very uncomfortable experience, but as easily as they can cause pain and devastation for one another so can they raise each other up and inspire.

The action is non-stop, no time is wasted as each one assists the other in letting go, releasing the past, the baggage that is still carried around within them must be cleared. In the early days it can be like playing ping-pong ball as one goes through a crisis the other carries them and supports them through the difficulty. When the crisis is over so the other partner goes through a crisis and the support is returned building a deep love and respect for one another on their joint journey of inner healing.

Many times may they separate, due to passionate arguments, misunderstandings and so on. They always return to each other though, each time re-uniting the intensity over and over until finally reaching the point of no return. Nothing can be hidden from one another, there is nowhere to run or hide and the beautiful part is that they accept all the seeming flaws, all the negative aspects of their twin. They must accept each other to unite and become whole so that they can fulfil the mission that they have come to earth for at this time.

This is one tough experience that these amazing beings have chosen to go through in this life time. Humanity needs these powerful energies at this time as earth transitions into higher realms, as each soul on this planet goes through the ascension process.

Both twins work as the light for the other and show the right path that leads towards forever happiness. To reach this stage, both partners have gone through the tough stages in which the soul has to decide what is wrong and what is right.

It is not something that occurs to you when you wake up in the morning. It could take years to purify your soul and achieve full integration with your higher self as a fully integrated Twin Flame union.

Twin Flame unions represent so much more that a typical love story, the union represents freedom, acceptance, acknowledgement, release, peace, harmony, love, unification of the human race having let go of the negative ingrained patterns that cause so much negativity in human relationships.

Only having gone through the process of two becoming ONE, whilst being in a human body on earth, operating under the veil of forgetfulness, can they show through example that it is possible to accept each other and create a beautiful new world.
When the merging process is completed a vortex of light is generated from the Twin Flame energies and that can influence millions, possibly billions of souls on Earth.

The energy signal that they send out is picked up by all those who fall into their sphere of influence, which triggers those who are sleeping to wake up and pay attention. Through this vortex of light many encodings are delivered to the subatomic particles in the human body which begin to change the actual DNA structure of the ones who are influenced. This prompts them to remember who they are and to start their own spiritual journeys of ascension.

There are many Twin Flames on Earth at this time, that hasn’t been experienced since the time of Lemuria. Twin flame couples can create an energetic Twin Flame heart womb and invite those who wish to be healed into it. This usually takes place during remote healing sessions; if it is for the persons highest good, it is possible for miraculous healings to take place during these sessions.

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