Addressing Our Emotions:

This is for business people in particular, I want to explore a significant topic that affects business greatly. There have been many studies on individuals with phobias, or who have trauma in their life. These studies reveal that those who openly expressed their negative emotions, experienced greatly reduced stress levels.

Reflecting on my own past experiences as a young man, I had a tendency to internalise my emotions, this got in the way of open communication especially when life got difficult.

In moments of pain, I used to find myself withdrawing rather than seeking support. Telling myself to be strong and seeing strength as trying to stay calm when my world was in a tail spin.

This pattern, I believe is common especially for men, and then this extends beyond personal experiences and in to our professional lives. Where fear may deter us from seeking assistance or acknowledging the emotional impact on us by the challenges of life, the consequences of suppressing negative emotions are profound.

Negativity impacts not only on our mental well-being but also our physical health as well, our behaviour also affects those around us who are impacted by our state of mind. Research suggests a connection between suppressed negativity and conditions such as depression, anxiety, and even serious illnesses like cancer.

Our thoughts and emotions intricately link to every cell in our bodies, emphasising the importance of addressing and releasing negativity.

For business people, this suppression of negativity such as anger for example, can have a direct affect on our business. After all, your business is a direct reflection of who you are as a person. An empowered, stress free, happy and easy-going boss who respects his or her self, is a joy to work for. Your employees will want to work for you, give their best standard of work and reflect your own self-respect back to you.

Usually, it’s the personal pain in our private lives that affects us the most, bereavement, divorce, illness, family issues or financial problems to name a few. When this pain is suppressed, we take it into work with us and find our negativity being reflected back at us from our bosses, colleagues, employees and clients.


There are actions you can take if you see yourself as someone who suppresses their pain as described in this article, consider these suggestions:

Reflect on whether you may be suppressing emotions and acknowledge the potential risks of doing so.

Make a conscious decision to open up about your emotions with a trusted friend or colleague. Sharing your feelings may contribute to a more comfortable emotional state.

If your health problem persists, explore the possibility that discussing your negative thoughts and emotions could be a potential relief strategy.

Should you find discussing these emotions uncomfortable, reach out to me for a confidential conversation. I am an experienced counsellor but I also specialise in helping people deal with their problems in the most non-intrusive of ways.

As a Master Energy Practitioner I have powerful tools at my disposal designed to help individuals eliminate such emotional burdens as quickly and painlessly as possible.

In our pursuit of goals, understanding what drives our unconscious is crucial.
In my own business journey, I initially identified being of service, having a purpose, enjoyment and making a difference as my top drivers. However, upon reflection I discovered a need for additional specific and impactful motivations such as determination, fearlessness, achievement, personal growth and success.

Talking about our problems allows a different perspective to come about, new positive ways of thinking and behaving can happen when new ways of being that were hidden by the negativity, are discovered.

If we don’t have someone impartial to discuss our thoughts and feelings with, even the positive drivers can work against us. Determination can lead to exhaustion for example. I have helped many business people who once believed that the harder they work and the more time they put into their business, the better the results would be.

But due to their health being affected by all that effort and the negative impact on their personal lives, in time their business suffered because of their lack of joy.

Those business people that followed my suggestions and received my help to deal with their issues have gone on to have a better work life balance, this has brought greater success in their businesses. Now they work less hours and earn more money. They have healthy relationships with their partners, families, friends and enjoy their life.

Self-care and organisation are vital aspects, they prompt clean-living and I encourage you to reflect on your own current values and identify any missing elements in your top four.

Taking proactive steps to align your values and deal with any unresolved negativity can lead to a more balanced and fulfilling journey through life. I’ve personally found that integrating self-care and working through the mental and emotional impact of life’s challenges has contributed to both my success and well-being.

You are welcome to discuss your problems with me if you feel that you need to try a different approach, rather that pretending there isn’t a problem. I have nearly 30 years-experience of helping people just like you. I will understand what you are going through and help you find a way to move forward in a healthier way.