Schumann Resonance

Just like all of us have a pulse and a heartbeat, our planet has a pulse of her own, a heart-beat, which we call the Schumann Resonance.
As most of you already know, the Schumann’s Resonance has been 7.8 cycles for thousands of years but has begun rising and in the last few months has risen well above 30 Hz.
This pulse has been fluctuating, suddenly rising as high as 100 hz recently. All because our planet is raising her frequency, her vibration, and her pulse…
So, science is now proving that Mother Earth’s vibration is getting lighter, brighter, faster, raising the vibration of the environment we are all living in, thus raising the vibration of all that’s living on her, including plants, animals and of course human beings.
As the vibration of our environment raises so any negative lower vibrational energies within us are brought to the surface to be released. As we release our negative emotions and energies so our vibration also gets lighter, brighter, faster and we stay in alignment with the Earth.
If we resist releasing our negativity we can feel more and more uncomfortable and health problems are created, depression, anxiety, disease and so on….. 
The Schumann Resonance is a global electromagnetic resonance named by physicist Winfried Otto Schumann who predicted it mathematically in 1952.
The official description from Wikipedia is…
“The Schumann resonances (SR) are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum. Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, generated and excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere.”
As you can see, the Wikipedia explanation says that we have had a whole lot of lightning lately if you read the charts that I am about to show you.
Regardless of whether what is happening on the planet is indeed causing more “lightning” or whether it is causing the equipment to pick up on something else, the scientific evidence proves that something is disturbing or spiking the electromagnetic frequency on the planet.
For thousands of years the Schumann resonance has been measured at 7.83 hertz or within shallow spikes of this depending on how many storms are on the planet at the time. A Russian website is one of the only public sites that releases the daily data on the current Schumann fluctuations. The reasons for this are unclear but seem to point at the control of keeping the data from the public eye.
How does the Schumann Resonance Affect humans?
As a spiritual Being merged with a human body, we are also merged with the consciousness and energetic makeup of Earth when we were born into a human body. To stay in sync with the planetary composition and frequencies, the human body has an auto correct system that can re-calibrate to the environment when needed.
When the auric field of a human is not in sync however, it is difficult for the emotional, mental, spiritual, and etheric bodies to sync with the physical body and the frequency of Earth.
At the same time, a burst in frequency of Earth’s magnetic frequencies can jostle any energetic blockages in the auric field that cause the physical body to stay at a low or stagnant ELF (extremely low frequency).
Bursts of higher frequencies are a good thing for the clearing of the auric field of the human Being, as long as it is done in moderation. For instance, if a person were to be electrocuted from a household electrical outlet, they may have a better chance at recovering than being struck by lightning.
The spiritual and metaphysical explanation of raising the frequency of the physical body is the higher the frequency, the less dense reality the human will be experiencing. The goal is to transform the dense, controlling reality we are experiencing in a way that unifies humanity with a love based higher consciousness while still existing in the physical body.
This can only be achieved by releasing the energetic blocks of the past and of childhood that keep one stuck in creating a recurring illusion of denseness and dis-ease in the physical reality. This will allow the physical body to vibrate harmoniously with the planetary frequency and to have a healthy energy flow within the body which prevents aging and disease.
If a human is stuck in old patterning and beliefs, or perhaps is lulled by complacency into a low frequency, then a burst of frequency can do one of two things. If the person has raised their consciousness enough to realise something is happening and is able to have an open mind and an open heart, then the person will begin to absorb these frequencies as much and as fast as their mind and spirit allows them to.
Absorbing these frequencies causes the water in the body to begin to vibrate at the frequency of the spike. This could cause many uncomfortable symptoms but in the end, it is also a testament that something is really happening to our planet and to our consciousness.
A few of the most common symptoms of these spikes in electromagnetic frequency are:
Hot flashes — as the body vibrates faster it generates heat
Blurred vision
Vertigo (dizziness)
Irregular or skipped heartbeat
Unexplained pains that may linger to be acknowledged or may mysteriously come and go
Ringing in one or both ears. High pitched frequencies, harmonic tones, and/or sometimes temporary deafening
Mood swings as emotional blocks come up to be resolved
Extreme fatigue or extreme energy bursts depending on the kind of frequency experienced at the time and how the individual is dealing with it.
Increased intuition, a sense of knowing or remembering things that guide you through difficulties and increased sixth sense abilities (beyond touch, taste, feel, hearing, and sight)
Flu-like symptoms
Problems with bowels
Extreme hunger or lack of hunger- different than usual.
Anxiety and increased fight or flight mode in the body.
As you can see, if some of these negatively affected symptoms persist without the person doing things to help the body acclimatise, it certainly could feel like the body would begin to exhibit more evidence of shutting down and may make you feel as if you are dying.
In fact, your body is purging in order to be able to acclimatise, very similar to how it deals with flu or viruses.
If a person is completely unconscious and is not a caring, compassionate human, (or is not a souled human at all) then these frequencies will irritate and disturb and will most likely not be integrated. Thus, these types of people will stay at a low frequency and will not benefit from the incoming waves of energy.
It could even begin to cause their physical body to shut down because it will not be able to stay manifest in harmony with the planet’s frequency. Unfortunately, some people are not handling this well physically and we are seeing many people “leaving” at this time (dying).
There is certainly no judgment in this, as some people did not choose to go through this shift in frequency or simply did not have enough energy left to handle it and no one ever really “dies” anyway. They simply move to another frequency outside of the constraints of the physical body and go where they need to in order to continue on their journey.
How to acclimatise the body to accept the higher frequencies.
There are many ways to help yourself adjust to the energies, but here are a few of the most common:
Meditation — not the kind of meditation to connect with astral beings or to have out of body experiences. Peace, pause, and breath meditation and focusing on energy flow works best and open eye meditation is also good.
Grounding or Earthing — Bare feet on the ground, spending time in nature, sea salt baths, swimming, eating grounding foods.
Asking your higher being (higher self/Source/Guidance team) to assist you in acclimatising your body, especially if you are suffering.
Drink plenty of pure water! No fluoride.
Rest — the body has an uncanny ability to do much of its re-setting while it is asleep or lying still.
Loving yourself and caring for the body.
Gentle exercise — moving the energy to release blockages and encourage proper energy flow.
Whole foods — as opposed to processed or GMO foods.
Spiritual Counselling or Life Coaching with an expert who has an understanding of the cause and of holistic treatments.
Listen to your body and do what feels right to make it comfortable.
Read it all here:…/your-not-dying-its-schumann-res…
Each virus is a low vibrational entity with a closed electromagnetic chain structure with a resonance frequency of approximately 5,5 Hz-14,5 Hz. It is not active in the higher ranges and the virus dies within the range of 25,5 Hz and higher.
For the person living with a high vibration, i.e. loving, spiritual, it is no more dangerous than a common respiratory infection because the body of the healthy, loving, spiritual person “vibrates” in a higher range and it only affects them sometimes for different reasons observed when are operating on a lower vibration.
The causes of this can be different energy balance disorders (fatigue, emotional exhaustion, hypothermia, chronic diseases, nervous tension, etc.
The virus in nature, outside of the body, is not sustainable as the total average frequency resonance of the Earth today is 27,4 Hz, but there are places where this frequency is reduced, i.e. naturally or artificially created geopathogenic zones, (hospitals, prisons, power lines, tube travel and public electric vehicles, shopping centres, offices, drinking pubs and restaurants, etc.), where the vibes are below 20 Hz. For all low vibrational beings, every virus is dangerous.
Vibrate high!
. Grief gives vibes –      from 0,1 to 2 Hz;
• fear –                           0,2 to 2,2 Hz;
• resentment –             0,6 to 3,3 Hz;
• irritation –                  0,9 to 3,8 Hz;
• disturbance –             0,6 to 1,9 Hz;
• temper-                      0,9 Hz;
• rage-                           0,5 Hz;
• Anger-                         1,4 Hz;
• Pride-                          0,8 Hz;
• Pride (obsession with greatness)-      3.1 Hz;
• neglect-                                                   1,5 Hz;
• superiority-                                             1.9 Hz;
• generosity-                                              95 Hz;
• Gratitude (Thank you! )-                        45 Hz;
• heartfelt gratitude – from                   140 Hz and above;
• sense of unity with other people-     144 Hz and above;
• compassion –                                         150 Hz and above (and pity is only 3 Hz);
• love (when one understands that love is good, light feeling and great power but has  not yet learned to love with his heart) vibration    -50 Hz;
• the love that a man creates with his heart for all humans without exception and to all living beings –                                                           150 Hz and above;
• unconditional, sacrificial love – from                       205 Hz and above
For millennia, the frequency of vibration (i.e. fluctuations per second) on our planet was 7,8 Hz. Physicists call it Schumann’s frequency. Scientists often check their utensils with her. One felt comfortable in these conditions as the frequency of vibration on his energy field had the same parameters-7,6-7,8 Hz.
However, as already stated, Schumann’s frequency recently started to increase sharply. We follow the dynamics: January 1995 – 7,80 Hz, January 2000 – 9,30 Hz, January 2007 – 9,80 Hz, January 2012 – 11,10 Hz, January 2013 – 13,74 Hz, January 2014 – 14,86 Hz February 2014 – 14,99 Hz; March 2014 – 15,07 Hz; April 2014 – 15,15 Hz, March 2020 – 30Hz. 
Even if we look at the situation from the point of view of science, it becomes clear that a person who does not raise his vibration will soon leave the earthly plan one way or another and neither high positions in society or accumulated wealth will help them. You can raise your vibration by working on yourself and releasing your personal fear-based pain. All negativity is based in fear, the opposite to Love.