Spiritual Enhancement

What is involved ……

After discussing the client’s wishes and a reason for seeking assistance, a decision will be made on which is the best way forward for that person.

This service I am offering is an opportunity for clients to move forward now and embrace the new energies that are being made available to our planet.

Now there is the possibility of personal spiritual growth that is unprecedented on earth at this time. As we moved from 2012 into 2013 the Earth entered the higher consciousness of 5th Dimension. We had started to leave the lower vibrational mind (3rd-dimensional consciousness) in 1987 after the Harmonic Convergence, the next big shift happened in 2003 when the Harmonic Concordance took place. We had moved into higher heart frequencies (4th-dimensional consciousness) and we had started to receive 5th-dimensional frequencies (Christ consciousness) during this time allowing us to remain on the Earth after 2012 when it shifted to 5th dimension.

In January 2013 we entered a period called the great void, a 4-year cycle (January 2013 to January 2017) where we were held in place to protect us and the Earth while we adapted to the new environment. In January 2017 we were released from the great void and like chicks being kicked out of the nest we had to learn how to survive in the new energies. In other word’s we were winging it, feeling a little bit lost and struggling to understand what was going on, most people totally unaware of the huge vibrational shift that had taken place.

Most people are experiencing many changes in their lives and these Loving, cleansing energy vibrations are making an impact on us and need to be embraced not resisted by our old egoic little mind thought patterns.

In your Spiritual Enhancement session with me, we will look at what blockages, resistance or thought patterns are causing problems for you, so that you can let go of any 3rd-dimensional energy patterns still affecting you. This will help you be fully present in this now moment and can free you of any old limiting beliefs from 3D that are still preventing you from creating the life you deserve to be experiencing in the new higher dimensions.

After looking at these issues, an energy session will be offered to help ground you in the new dimension, dissolve negativity discussed, balance your energy centres, relax and restore you, thus raising your vibration. A programme will be discussed about moving you forward on your life path.

“The higher our energy vibrates the more Loving we are, the more joyful we feel”