“Only as something is loved is it free to change into something else”

Beloved ones, I want you to take these words and write them on your wall in big letters because so often this is the way that the mind hooks you into its domain – by continuing to show you all the things you resist, which keeps them alive, of course.

Messages from God –

“Love is the fruit in season at all times and within reach of every hand”

Mother Teresa

The Power of Love

If you want to bring peace and good health into your life, use love energy to bring change into the relationships you find difficult and to enhance the loving relationships you already have.

Love is the simple, yet powerful life force that we are all trying to understand and encompass into our everyday lives, whether we are aware of it or not. Love is the driving force in the Universe, the most positive of energies. Through becoming more Loving, we raise our vibration, we become more spiritual in our thinking and we attract more love to us, “like attracts like”.

Love is a higher energy state when we confront a negative person we can quickly diffuse hate and anger. We must first send loving energy to the person by focusing on him or her completely. Offer Love to the person unconditionally simply because they are another human being on this earth.

You only have to think of Love for another person and your love energy will flow to them. They most probably will be unaware of your actions but they will benefit from your help.

What we are actually doing is sending spiritual energy to the higher self of the person. That allows him or her to ease their rigid assumptions, Love energy works according to your intent.

 “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace”

Jimi Hendrix

We should never use Love to control another person into thinking how we think. It’s about using the higher energy to allow that person to tap into their own higher thinking and the results can be remarkable.

When you are able to find it within yourself to send love to someone who for instance, you are very angry with, you will be surprised at the peacefulness that can embrace you. For in taking this way of action you are actually allowing yourself to let go of your anger and thus help you to stay healthy.

Over time you will find that your worst enemies will teach you the most powerful message of all…Love.

“Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend”

Dr Martin Luther King Jr

Love Uncomplicates Your Life in Many Ways

Instead of judging people on a first encounter, immediately send love vibrations to them. Then watch with joy as the person transforms into their highest self, this allows you both to make a fabulous first impression. Imagine the changes that could happen on earth if everyone chose Love over hate, fear and anger. Everyone responds to Love, you can be part of this global transformation and it’s as easy as saying or thinking the word… LOVE.

“Once you remember who you are, a Divine Being of the Universal Light of Grace, then you can no longer see others the same, for they too are a Divine piece of the same source.”

Shelley Yates

In order to manifest the world we so desire we must first choose to create a place of love, not react from a place of fear. When we come from a place of fear, that fear will cancel the positive intention we send out to the universe. Said another way no matter what we intend to happen if it is driven from that place of fear we will find our intention lost in that fear.

So, in order to create a place of love, we must first create that love vibration within ourselves. It may take many attempts to raise our personal vibratory fields to one of love, as we are constantly bombarded with the negative energy of a world intent on keeping us small.

Be patient and kind to yourself as you practice. As you begin to lift your field to the heart vibration of love, we see and feel the power to create that which we so desire. There are several key points that will help facilitate the lifting of your personal energy field.

These practices will enrich your life and lift you to the highest vibration of love, compassion and empathy. These points are simple to follow but take diligence as you practice.

Firstly, do random acts of kindness, the very essence of doing creates our reality.

Secondly, find your earthly joy, then experience that joy with childlike abandon. Once you find that joy and live it fully alive, be thankful and full of gratitude for the wonderful human experience you have just been blessed to have.

Thirdly, the simple truth that facilitates lifting the human vibratory field is to surround yourself with the tonal vibrations of love.

That is, listen to music that resonates with the vibration you are seeking. Playing music that has the tonal resonance of joy acts to set the bar for where you intend your personal vibrational field to ascend. Like attracts like and when you play uplifting music it literally calls to your soul to ascend to that level.

Once we attain the level of vibration that brings us the joy we can maintain that vibration with three rules for living.

The first is to do no harm, firstly to yourself, as you are a most important person, a piece of Divine Creation, a Creator within yourself deserving of great love and earthly pleasure.

The second, do all that you do with the utmost honesty and integrity. It will facilitate deeper more meaningful relationships with more open communication.

The third find that joy which you used to create the vibrations of love and continue to do the things that bring you personal pleasure.

There are no rules as to what that pleasure should be as long as it follows the first two ideas. Then when you have experienced and enjoyed the pleasurable and earthly gifts of this plane, always remember to say thank you for the gifts of these experiences.

We must be kind to ourselves as we journey inward. You are creating the person and the world you most desire. The ultimate gift to the world is a kindness to yourself. Once you remember who you are, a Divine Being of the Universal Light of Grace then you can no longer see others the same for they too are a Divine piece of the same source.

This acknowledgement of your worth will manifest as love for all others. This is the starting point to understanding that as we each take care of the “I am” we will build the “we can” that we require to create our new earth and that is the earth of abundance and plenty for all.

“Love is a gift of one’s innermost soul to another, so both can be wholer” 

Tea Rose

The Great Invocation

From the point of Light, within the mind of God
let Light stream forth into the minds of men
let Light descend on earth.

From the point of Love within the heart of God
let Love stream forth into the hearts of men
may Christ return to earth.

From the centre where the will of God is known
let purpose guide the little wills of men
the purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the race of men
let the plan of Love and Light work out
and may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light, Love and Power restore the plan on earth.

“Peace will come when we replace the Love of Power with the Power of Love” 

Sri Chinmoy

Love Thyself

There is a great wisdom in the idea to “know thyself.” There is an even more amazing truth to “love thyself.” This is not love in a selfish sense, rather to fully accept ourselves just for who we are here and now without condition or limitation.

The better we begin to know, understand and love ourselves, the greater we develop a love for others and together, the more compassionate world we create.
The process of loving unconditionally begins by turning within and acknowledging our potential to love – even if we do not currently believe it is possible.

We have to clear away our thick layers of old worn out and limiting beliefs that hide our light.

We also need to look in the mirror of life and realize our current state of personal affairs. How much do we love? Where do we give in to fear and doubt? Why are we afraid to accept and love our self? What keeps us from loving all others? Do we even know what love really means to us?

In every moment we have the opportunity to embrace our natural ability to love unconditionally and to share this love with all others. Thankfully, we are not alone in this endeavour.

We have our Higher Self, our indwelling higher nature that knows how to guide us personally through the maze of illusion and into our unconditionally loving selves. In contrast to our human side and focus, this is the spiritual part of us that understands and embodies love and knows the big picture.

It brings to us the right ideas, impulses, people, lessons, and experiences that best encourages us how to love more deeply and release the judgments and opinions that bind us. It is ever ready to help us realize and use the higher response to love.

We need only acknowledge this guiding force and potential within ourselves to reap the gifts. Pursuing a life of unconditional love is an incredible journey of ever-expanding freedom and joy, peace and harmony. The more we engage in it, the more our lives become enriched by this energy.

Willingness is the key that unlocks our potential. Without our willingness to go beyond current understandings of personal and societal beliefs and to even try it out, unconditional love remains little more than a pair of words.

It is especially during challenging experiences and events that touch us at our very core, that our readiness to find and use the qualities of forgiveness and love become vital to our individual and collective wellbeing. Without this willingness, we often shut the door to a loving response that could change generations of lives in a single moment.

The journey is as simple as embracing the love we already have within. We are the only ones that make it difficult or delay its attainment in our life.

Experiencing and sharing love is the intention; patience and practice are how we get there. Whether we accept it or not, love is the only force that resolves the issues of life. It is the energy that dissolves the limitations of hatred, separation, anger, greed, ignorance and the many other negative and destructive forces that pass through and around us each moment.

It is up to us to integrate and use the energy of love to transform the limitations into unlimited possibilities that benefit all. It is our ultimate destiny to love unconditionally. It is also our freedom, right, privilege, and our gift to ourselves and life around us.

Not only does it generate harmony and joy, wisdom and understanding, it brings reason and purpose to life. Be inspired to seek love for yourself and your neighbour and make this a better world for all. We have much to gain and nothing to lose in accepting and using unconditional love. So, give it a try, you may never experience life the same way again. Love and hugs,

Harold W. Becker
Founder and President
The Love Foundation

Say Yes to Love!

Are you looking for your Soul Mate, Twin Flame, Your True Love? Are you consciously opening your heart too deep God Love, to a personal relationship with God?

Welcome to the Circle of Light Spiritual website we wish to share with you Messages from God to all of Humanity, more messages are on the “who you are” page.

From Circle of Light

Almost everyone has “fallen in love” at some time. Do you remember that feeling when nothing existed but that special person, when you couldn’t get a smile off your face, when every tiny thing seemed joyous and when the rest of the world “fell away”?

Would you believe that this was a contact with your true Twin Flame, the being with whom you were created? Your Twin Flame was showing him (her) self through a person before you, to touch and open your heart.

The feeling of light you experienced (we call ecstasy) is the hallmark of the Twin Flame or Soul Mate. Your Twin Flame is a living part of the being of light you are, an integral part of your vast energy field and your own magnificent heart.

Your Twin Flame (Soul Mate if you prefer) is not a person in a physical body and neither are you. These bodies are our vehicles to use here on earth while we spiritual beings have a human experience.

Here in Earth life, your Twin Flame, who desires the closest connection with you as possible, has been showing him (her) self to you through every person with whom you have ever been close. These attractions are perfect reflections or mirrors of your own heart.

In whatever way each relationship developed, it tells us a lot about ourselves. One’s past relationships can be very useful in showing us what has been our false beliefs about Love.

If we truly know that God is only Love and Love is all there is, then we will desire to clear our hearts of all the false beliefs on Earth about Love that we have harboured.
(“Love hurts”, “I don’t deserve Love”, Love never comes to me”, etc etc).

To the extent that we do this will we be able to draw to us the living spirit of our Twin Flame — reflecting the purest Love — who can then take up residence in a body before us — a vehicle that can contain the energy of our Twin.
It is all a matter of vibration and moving molecules!

The way the messages from God lead us to our Twin Flame or Soul Mate is by opening our heart, assisting us to clear our false heart’s beliefs and ego limitations and establish contact “in consciousness”, in spirit with our Twin.

This is what is meant by “Saying YES to Love”. It is opening to Love on every level of your life and being. The truest contact with our Twin Flame is on the level of the deepest feelings of the heart. It is completely a feeling of giving Love, releasing any ego (Earth) ideas about getting anything.

As we are able to imagine our Twin Flame in spirit, pour Love to him (or her), opening our heart to its widest, we will begin to experience the feelings of ecstasy, warm waves through the body and the energy field. Some people have visual experiences, others Kinaesthetic.

You will know that there is another being who is part of you and the ecstatic reunion will begin. As it grows and your surety of yourself as a Twin Flame heart expands, you place in your heart our beloved Earth and all Humanity, showering forth your Love and holding each brother and sister in their perfection.

Now that is joy and ecstasy and why we came to earth.

From A Message from God

“Opening to your Soul Mate/Twin Flame now becomes the most important spiritual task in the world. For together you can know me perfectly as I stand before you as your perfect Love”.

” In creating you I knew that my greatest wish was a complimentary consciousness with which to share my Love and glory. Knowing this, dearest ones, I created you already including this greatest gift ….. that complementary consciousness”.

“You would have perfect Love and you would know through your Soul Mate / Twin Flame, the truth of our relationship”.

“I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional Love will have the final word in reality”

Martin Luther King.Jr.


Within every one of us is a still small voice. It’s a spiritual connection that cannot be seen or touched. Yet we have a way to verify invisible things by utilizing a faculty more powerful and reliable than the five senses of consciousness.

We are touched by each other’s stories. When we are touched, we access compassion. Compassion is our truest nature and our purest connection to Spirit.
This connection never causes harm to one’s self or to others

Very simply put, the spiritual connection is a sense of something greater than the self. It can be God, nature, the cosmos, a social cause, or the sea of humanity.

A psychological sense of spirituality is a feeling of union and transcendence, motivated by compassion, awe, peace or joy.

“There’s an old saying that we don’t get to move on to the next levels in life until we have total peace with our current situation.”

Compassion is not about complacency as you take action. We are all Angels for each other so we can reconcile what we came here to be.

The best and most beautiful things in life cannot be seen, not touched, but are felt in the heart.

Helen Keller 1880-1968